Medicinal ingredients in pomegranate

Nutritional value Medicinal ingredients in pomegranate The edible portion of pomegranate contains 70% moisture, 1.5% protein, 0.1% fat, 0.2% minerals, fiber and 45% carbohydrates. Includes grams of vitamin K and some B vitamins. Medicinal ingredients in pomegranate Pomegranate is an amazing and rare plant with medicinal benefits for every part of the body from root … Read more

Medical benefits of carrots

Medical benefits of carrots Medical benefits of carrots Carrots are one of the things that can compensate for people’s vitamin A – carrots also brighten the complexion. Beautiful women in France often use carrots to enhance their beauty. If weak children drink carrot juice mixed with water, they will become fat in days. Carrots are … Read more

Treatment of flatulence

Treatment of flatulence best salotion Treatment of flatulence The stomach swells. Sometimes the heart starts beating and the stomach gets hard. The stomach is full of bloating. Pregnant women are very uncomfortable with the accumulation of air in the abdomen. Treatment Grind five cloves, put it in half a cup of boiling water, cool it … Read more

Increasing male potency

Increasing male potency best tips

Increasing male potency

Daily consumption of pomegranate strengthens the reproductive organs.

Eating desi ghee with ten grams as a banana for breakfast and drinking milk from the top increases male potency.

To alleviate the feeling of impotence, drink saffron mixed with milk in winter. Just a few days of use will transform

Frying garlic in 62 grams of desi ghee and eating it daily will eliminate impotence.

It is very useful to take garlic three times in the morning with milk throughout the winter season. Eating pistachios increases fertility.

Eating fifteen pieces of chickpeas every day increases male potency. Drinking mango juice for two to three months increases potency.


Eating coconut increases fertility and increases sexual desire.

11. Drinking honey and milk together increases physical strength and fertility.

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Using onion juice mixed with honey increases male potency. The use of onions stimulates sexual arousal as well as sexual arousal

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Benefits of Ginger

Benefits of Ginger best domestic tips Benefits of Ginger It is used in weak nerve disorders due to its digestive functions. Mentioning this precious healing root, God Almighty said in His Holy Qur’an that the Holy Prophet (PBUH), the greatest sage of the universe, used to increase his appetite in Prophetic Medicine. Eliminates wind and … Read more

The nutritional value of honey

The nutritional value of honey best domestic tips The nutritional value of honey There are three types of sugar in honey. Their names are glucose, fructose and sucrose. Glucose levels are higher than others. It is a sugar found in the juices of fruits and vegetables in the blood of living animals. When fatigue overpowers … Read more

High blood pressure treatment

High blood pressure treatment best tips High blood pressure treatment patient’s heart is shaking. There is a headache. The body hurts. The heart beats faster. Dizziness and rapid heartbeat.  CAUSES. The causes of this disease are kidney failure, overcrowding, restless weight gain, excessive use of smoking drugs and a great deal of stress. Caution: Exercise … Read more

Treatment with raisins

Treatment with raisins best tips Treatment with raisins Use raisins only in this way for 10 days, if you don’t have the strength like horses, then say … Learn how to use it. Use raisins only for 10 days in this way, if you don’t have the strength like horses, then say … Learn how … Read more

Powerful fruit for men

Powerful fruit for men best domestic tips Powerful fruit for men ! Numerous herbs and fruits that strengthen the human heart and body are mentioned in the medicine of the Prophet. According to the details, “Bahi” is a fruit whose shape resembles apple and peach. This fruit is mentioned in many places in the hadiths. … Read more

Treatment of male impotence

Treatment of male impotence best domestic tips Treatment of male impotence   A fruit that has countless benefits to use for only three weeks Health Latest News 92! If you are worried about male impotence, or want to be safe from this painful problem in the future, then there is no need for any expensive … Read more