Benefits of Ginger

Benefits of Ginger best domestic tips

Benefits of Ginger

It is used in weak nerve disorders due to its digestive functions.

Mentioning this precious healing root, God Almighty said in His Holy Qur’an that the Holy Prophet (PBUH), the greatest sage of the universe,

used to increase his appetite in Prophetic Medicine. Eliminates wind and gas and strengthens the back.

Roasted food has been used for centuries to combat colds and relieve joint pain. Dried ginger has a warm and dry taste. Ginger has the same nutritional value as a loaf of bread.


Eating half a teaspoon of raw ginger with half a towel and having an empty tea breakfast in the morning

lightens the stomach away from gas and removes water from the mouth. If it is eaten with Axiral Ojaja Dere Masha Arq Badian at 3 pm,

then in a few days, the nerves and joint pains are benefited. Chest pain is relieved by boiling six handfuls of ginger

and millet in three drops of lukewarm water mixed with sugar or honey. Cinnamon, big cardamom and green tea,

boiled in water for three weeks and used for a few weeks to lighten the body, reduce fat and stop hearing.

Relieves constipation.

Excretes mucus. Drink six handfuls of ginger and six handfuls

of Belgari in a glass full of boiling water and mix it with sweets to get rid of indigestion and stomach ache in two or three days.

Grind equal quantity of ginger and cinnamon (Magh) with one and a half to six handfuls of goat’s milk and use it two or three times a day to get rid of hiccups.

Or using honey together in a few days, it starts to benefit chronic cough and asthma. Grinding ginger with black salt and sniffing it seems to benefit headaches.

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Grinding ginger and applying it as a paste in radish water relieves headaches and constipation by the grace of God.

After soaking sesame seeds and six handfuls of fennel in a pound of water,

boil it twice in a half-hot boiling water, mix half a towel with pure ghee, sweeten it and keep drinking it for a few days. ۔

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