Skin treatment

Skin treatment best domestic tips Skin treatment Itching, itching, ringworm, abscesses, psoriasis and herpes are called skin diseases. Causes: Excess of chemical elements in the body, deficiency of vitamin A and C, contagion and lack of calcium are the causes of skin diseases. Treatment The first treatment for skin diseases is to cleanse the blood, … Read more

Benefits of Palm

Benefits of Palm best domestic tips Benefits of Palm The nutritional value of dates: 100 grams of dates contain 18.3% water, 2.5% protein, 0.4% fat, 2.4% minerals, 3.9 fiber, 75.8% carbohydrates. It contains 120 mg of phosphorus, 7.3 mg of iron, 3 mg of vitamin C and some amount of vitamin B complex. Healing power … Read more

Harmful food and useful food

Harmful food and useful food best domestic tips Harmful food and useful food Diseases and useful foods It is useful to use rice yogurt, buttermilk, banana in hand disease. In case of eczema, use more spinach, radish leaves, onion, tomato, guava and papaya. In case of jaundice, it is beneficial to keep taking juice, fruits, … Read more

Medical benefits of orange

Medical benefits of orange best domestic tips Medical benefits of orange No fruit contains as much calcium as sangtra. It contains calcium as well as sodium. Magnesium, Sulfur, Potassium, Copper and Chlorine are also found in Vitamin C found in Sangtra. The 100 grams edible portion of Sangtra contains 87.8% protein, 0.7% fat, 0.2% minerals, … Read more

Medical benefits of banana

Medical benefits of banana best domestic tips Medical benefits of banana The nutritional value of bananas Bananas have a lot of nutritional value. Bananas are a combination of fiber, protein, vitamins, energy and minerals that are rarely found in any other fruit. Compared to all fresh fruits, bananas have more calories and less moisture. It … Read more

Treatment of Hemorrhoids

Treatment of Hemorrhoids best domestic tips Treatment of Hemorrhoids Garland.250g Marigold flowers. 250 g Nut seed lilac. 100g Radish seeds Neem peel -100g Pomegranate flower.100g Preparation and use: Grind all these ingredients separately and prepare the powder. Dry these ingredients in the shade before drinking. Then mix them and cook the whole powder in five … Read more

Lemon treatment

Lemon treatment best domestic tips Lemon treatment Introduction to lemons Lemon juice and peels have long been used as a medicine for fever, sore throat, inflammation, itching and most infectious diseases. In ancient times, it was not possible to deliver fresh food during sea voyages, so sailors used to suffer from scurvy due to lack … Read more

The benefits of roses

The benefits of roses best domestic tips The benefits of roses Red rose There are many types of roses, but medicinally and therapeutically, the indigenous red rose has great medical properties and is found everywhere in Pakistan. There are many types of flowers in terms of color, such as large red, pink, white, white, yellow, … Read more

Medicinal ingredients pomegranate

Medicinal ingredients pomegranate domestic tips Medicinal ingredients pomegranate The edible portion of pomegranate contains 70% moisture, 1.5% protein, 0.1% fat, 0.2% minerals, fiber and 45% carbohydrates. Includes grams of vitamin K and some B vitamins. Healing Medicinal Ingredients Pomegranate is an amazing and rare plant with medicinal benefits for every part of the body from … Read more

Treatment of low back pain

Treatment of low back pain best domestic tips Treatment of low back pain Muscle weakness is one of the main causes of back pain. In addition, obese people suffer from back pain, because they are tired of walking. And with whom do the muscles become weak which causes back pain? Probably sitting on the kirki, … Read more