Medical benefits of carrots

Medical benefits of carrots

Medical benefits of carrots

Carrots are one of the things that can compensate for people’s vitamin A – carrots also brighten the complexion. Beautiful women in France often use carrots to enhance their beauty.
If weak children drink carrot juice mixed with water, they will become fat in days. Carrots are also extremely useful in hemorrhoids, gallstones, night blindness and liver diseases. Black carrots have a privately digested stomach and are an excellent treatment for high blood pressure.
Consumption of carrots did not cause any reduction in strength. Carrots produce good blood. If you eat 7 almonds in the morning and drink carrot juice mixed with milk, it strengthens the brain. This carrot seed nourishes the nerves. Eating 4 to 6 servings removes weak nerves.

If carrot

Medical benefits of carrots

leaves are heated and their juice is extracted and a few drops of it are put in the nose and ears, then sneezing comes and relieves the pain. Carrots are good for eyesight.

If carrots are eaten in large quantities, it will improve eyesight. Eating carrots protects teeth from eating meat. In Pyorrhea, it is beneficial to apply it on the teeth and gums as a toothpaste.

Cook carrots on fire and squeeze water into them and mix it with honey to get relief from chest pain. If you mix Egyptian in carrot squeezed water and cook it and make it as a sauce and add a little black pepper powder in it, then eating it is beneficial for cough.


Medical benefits of carrots

carrot leaves to cure smallpox is beneficial. Grind the carrots with salt and tie them on the swelling of the scalp. The swelling dissolves quickly. Applying raw carrots on the burnt area gives relief. In the morning, eat six ginger almonds and drink ten tola of carrot juice.

A few days of use will remove the mental weakness. Hafiz will be quick. Carrot users are less likely to suffer from dental and gum diseases. The carrot user is protected from mascara. Carrots are especially useful for heart disease. Carrot marmalade and evil carrot are very useful for heartbeat. If you get water in your stomach, then carrot jam is very useful for it.

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Use it continuously for a few days. Use carrot pickle with lunch. With 2 weeks of use, the edema will go away.

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