Treatment of flatulence

Treatment of flatulence best salotion

Treatment of flatulence

The stomach swells. Sometimes the heart starts beating and the stomach gets hard.

The stomach is full of bloating. Pregnant women are very uncomfortable with the accumulation of air in the abdomen.


Grind five cloves, put it in half a cup of boiling water, cool it and drink it, gas is released. It is useful to drink this water thrice a day.

Licking a nutmeg in a lemon car and licking it cleans the hands and removes the gas complaint. Drinking apple juice builds a thin layer on the digestive tract.

This layer protects these organs from odors and infections and does not produce gas. Boil two tablespoons of dried coriander in a glass of water.

Then filter and divide this water into three equal parts and drink it three times. Guava is a fruit that eliminates gas.

Eating a small amount of gar after every meal keeps the stomach healthy.

Adding crushed black pepper and salt to radish and eating it for two consecutive months does not cause bloating or flatulence.

Using bitter gourd juice and bitter gourd vegetable cures gas. Cooking fenugreek greens and eating them helps in relieving gas.

Grind ten pieces of black pepper and mix it in hot water and squeeze lemon juice and use it in the morning and evening.

Eating fresh long eggplant (as long as fresh seasonal eggplants are available) is eaten to get rid of gas. .

The use of orange eliminates flatulence and is useful in liver related diseases.

Mix six grams of black salt and one and a half grams of ajwan and take it with warm water to get rid of flatulence.

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Add a glass of boiling milk. Cool down and drink the milk.

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