High blood pressure treatment

High blood pressure treatment best tips

High blood pressure treatment

patient’s heart is shaking. There is a headache. The body hurts. The heart beats faster. Dizziness and rapid heartbeat.


The causes of this disease are kidney failure, overcrowding, restless weight gain, excessive use of smoking drugs and a great deal of stress.


Exercise daily. Use according to dietitian’s advice. Reduce the use of salt in food. Avoid all kinds of stress and anxiety.

Live life calmly 40:35 Have your blood checked after the purse. Get at least nine hours of restful sleep.

Make sure you take a nap after eating during the day. Use more water and avoid drugs. Treat the patient instead of the disease.


It is useful to eat apples when blood pressure is high. Mix half a cup of gourd juice in a little water and drink it thrice a day.

Eating anola marmalade every morning is beneficial in blood pressure. High blood pressure is normalized by eating. ۔

Eating kachalhasan after meals lowers blood pressure. In case of high blood pressure, daily massage of the body with oil reduces the pressure. ۔

– Mix two spoons of turpentine powder and 25 grams of Egyptian and soak it in a pot of oatmeal overnight. 10.

It is very beneficial for the patient with high blood pressure to rub the hands and soles of the feet from time to time.

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Consumption of tomatoes is beneficial for high blood pressure patients. It is useful to drink half a cup of banana stem every day.

Mixing lemon juice with water and drinking it several times a day can help control blood pressure. Go hungry one day a week and keep eating only fruits and vegetables

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