Increasing male potency

Increasing male potency best tips

Increasing male potency

Daily consumption of pomegranate strengthens the reproductive organs.

Eating desi ghee with ten grams as a banana for breakfast and drinking milk from the top increases male potency.

To alleviate the feeling of impotence, drink saffron mixed with milk in winter. Just a few days of use will transform

Frying garlic in 62 grams of desi ghee and eating it daily will eliminate impotence.

It is very useful to take garlic three times in the morning with milk throughout the winter season. Eating pistachios increases fertility.

Eating fifteen pieces of chickpeas every day increases male potency. Drinking mango juice for two to three months increases potency.


Eating coconut increases fertility and increases sexual desire.

11. Drinking honey and milk together increases physical strength and fertility.

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Using onion juice mixed with honey increases male potency. The use of onions stimulates sexual arousal as well as sexual arousal

۔ 14- Eating soaked in palm milk removes the complaint of premature ejaculation and also thickens the reproductive system.

15. Daily use of a ludo with urdaka thickens and increases the production of the substance. Strength increases.

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