The nutritional value of honey

The nutritional value of honey best domestic tips

The nutritional value of honey

There are three types of sugar in honey. Their names are glucose, fructose and sucrose.

Glucose levels are higher than others. It is a sugar found in the juices of fruits and vegetables in the blood of living animals.

When fatigue overpowers a person, it acts to restore the oxygen that replaces lactic and acid sugars.

Fructose is also known as cinnamon sugar. Unlike glucose, P-sugar turns into pens very quickly.

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Its function is to build tissues, while sucrose is an adhesive and is rarely found in honey.

But honey becomes so digestible because of its presence. 100 grams of honey contains 20.0% moisture, 4.3% protein, 0.2% minerals and 7.5% carbohydrates.

The mineral and biological components of 100 grams of honey contain phosphorus 16 mg, iron 9.0 mg,

calcium 5 mg and vitamin C 4 mg in addition to a small amount of vitamin B complex. The nutritional value of the same amount of honey is 319 calories.

Recent research has shown that when honey is heated to 160 degrees Fahrenheit for commercial purposes,

it loses its pollen particles during filtering, bottling and cooling. If seen, it will be lifeless. Honey does not remain pure. Because most of its nutritional value is lost by heating.

Healing power and medical use

Honey is a liquid in the form of carbohydrates that are quickly digested and is one of the highest sources of energy and heat.

Guantanamo is mostly obtained from starches and foods. Honey enters the bloodstream so it becomes a source of instant energy.

Honey is the best food for people with poor digestion.

The famous Roman physician says that honey is a cure for every disease.

Even today honey is used for the treatment and protection of many diseases.

Mix one teaspoon of honey and half a lemon juice in a glass of lukewarm water and drink it on an empty stomach early in the morning to get rid of acidity and constipation.

Is . It does not reduce strength where weight loss occurs. Honey contains iron, copper and manganese.

Therefore, it plays a significant role in the formation of hemoglobin. Honey is the best treatment for anemia.

Maintains the right balance between red blood cells and hemoglobin.

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