Kaspersky battrey life saver

Kaspersky battrey life saver and booster

Kaspersky battrey life saver

You can extend your mobile phone battery life with every charge by using free battery extender app

Now you can extend the life of your mobile phone battery … Spend less time connecting your Android device to a battery charger

… and extend the life of your mobile phone without always worrying about low battery levels. You can use it.

Kaspersky Battery Life is a free battery saver tool that helps extend mobile battery life for Android phones and tablets.

It automatically monitors all apps running on your device, tells you which apps are consuming the most power, displays

remaining battery life, and helps you stop unwanted apps from running.

An energy saver that can take control of you
All apps running on your device are constantly monitored, including apps running in the background.

You can stop the apps that are consuming a lot of power while keeping your favorite apps running.

More about Applications 

With Kaspersky Battery Life, you can spend more time doing what you want and less time worrying about running out of battery.

Extend battery life on Android mobile devices … Get Kaspersky Battery Life-a free battery saver app.

This app uses accessibility services.

Use AppLock to secure your private data. This will block mobile apps such as photo vaults, private messaging,

social networks and settings, and prompt you for a secret password to access them.

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