Some Important Concepts About ”YOGA”

Some Important Concepts About ”YOGA”

Concepts of Yoga are the most potent and typical forms of exercise that require proper mental concentration. When it practiced correctly and concentrating on breathing, then yoga increases flexibility, muscle definition, and mental clarity. It is not for the physically or mentally weak.Yoga is a bunch of scared exercises that enhance the body and keep it fit.





Yoga has a lot of specific exercises and techniques that allow you to realize your inner potential, reveal the enormous physical and mental abilities inherent in each person, and maintain yourself in great physical shape. It is easy to do anywhere so that you can stay fit on a round trip journey.

What Is Yoga Good For?

Some of the important points about what is yoga good for? are as follows.

Positive energy and harmony life

Concepts of yoga classes contribute to gain much experience having a positive effect on the body, complete relaxation and balance, more energy, clarity of mind, back pain, and weakening migraines and stress relief.

The revelation of hidden talents and abilities 

Some exercises require a creative approach or artistic ability then charge with a positive. The practice of yoga reveals other levels of consciousness in a person.


Right “I” and the Universe 

Through the consistent and conscious practice of yoga, one can achieve union with the true Self and God.

Who can do YOGA?

It is not specific for any age, class, or health problems. Anybody in this world can do yoga.

The teaching is essential, some are more suitable for practices associated with volitional efforts and asceticism, for others – with methods of energy and trust in the Absolute. 

The first step in yoga is to do it regularly and practice it honestly. However, no matter what type of yoga you do, if you practice it honestly, purposefully, regularly, if you develop the habit of doing it, you can get a truly excellent result.

Types of YOGA:

There is a number of types of yoga, as well as manifestations of human life. The main classical types of yoga are

  •  Raja
  •  Kriya
  •  Mantra
  •  Pranayama
  •  Meditation 

These allow you to rebuild your physical body, make it more perfect, sturdy, reliable, help to gain clarity of consciousness, hone your mind and intellectual abilities.

Can YOGA be Dangerous?

Yoga is an extremely safe system of self-knowledge. As a long history shows, it knows how to protect itself, to make sure that powerful knowledge and techniques do not fall into the hands of an evil, cruel person who can harm himself and others. Our Universe is so cunningly arranged that even if the knowledge of yoga falls into the hands of such a person, he will not be able to use it. In yoga, there are classical methods and so-called quick methods.

Classical methods are almost entirely safe, anyone can study them, but it takes a long time to practice them, it requires determination, courage, and will. Agile methods can achieve the goal very quickly, they are truly capable of working miracles, but they contain many pitfalls and can be dangerous for the practitioner. However, usually, an unprepared person cannot use them and harm himself, because none of the yoga teachers will teach such a person quick methods, and, having encountered them on his own, he will not be able to recognize them.

What does yoga Give?

“Yoga teaches us how to heal that which cannot be endured, and how to endure that which cannot be healed” – B.K.S. Iyengar.

Some benefits of doing yoga are as follows.

  • You become calmer and less stressed
  • Increases body stamina and immunity
  • You become more confident in yourself
  • Sleep quality improves
  • There is more energy
  • Concentration and labor productivity increase
  • Anxiety and depression go away
  • There is an acceptance of oneself and one’s place in the world
  • A feeling of happiness and peace comes
  • Improving health, well-being
  • Back and neck pains are reduced.
  • Weight bounces back
  • Mood improves

  “Concepts of yoga is not a theory, but a way of life.”

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