52 Depression Quotes And Sayings

depression quotes

What is Depression?

The word depression comes from Latin and which means dejected or torn down. Speak about a fall, a sinking, or a hollow. That means this phrase has induced us to companion it with a moment of depression, pain, and disappointment.

Depression is something that influences many human beings inside the globe, and luckily, there are various treatments and methods to overcome this hassle.

According to the World Health OrganizationWHO ), depression is a disease currently suffered by more than 300 million people worldwide. In turn, it is one of the causes of death among people aged 15 to 29, an alarming situation that highlights the number of young people suffering from this disorder.

Enjoy the compilation of depression quotes that we have prepared for you. We have provided the list of some depression quotes as follows.

Some Famous Depression Quotes


“I am bent, but no longer damaged.” i am marked, however, no longer disfigured. I’m sad, however, no longer without desire. I am worn-out, however, now not helpless. I am irritated, but no longer bitter. I’m depressed, however, i do not surrender. “

“And something internal me just … broke this is the most effective way i should describe it.”

“Having anxiety and despair is like being scared and tired at the identical time. It is far the worry of failure; however; however, there is no want to be productive. It is trying friends, but i hate socializing. It’s far trying to be alone, however, not looking to be alone. It feels unexpectedly, after which it feels paralyzing numb.”

Having anxiety and despair is like being scared and tired at equal time. It’s far the worry of failure, but there is no want to be effective. It wants pals, but i hate socializing. It is miles trying to be alone, however now not wanting to be by myself.”

“In case you understand a person who is depressed, please clear up never to invite them why. despair is not a right away response to an awful scenario; melancholy is virtual, like the weather.”

“I have depression. However, i prefer to say “i struggle” with depression in place of “i go through” with it. Because depression hits, but i respond. Struggle in me. “


“Having tension and despair is like being scared and tired of equal time. It is the fear of failure, but there is no need to be productive. It wants buddies. However, i hate socializing. It far wants to be on my own, but no longer looking to be by myself. It feels all of a sudden, after which it feels paralyzing numb.”

Depression is colourblind, and we are continuously informed of how colourful the sector is.”

“While you be afflicted by depression,” i am tired “refers to a permanent kingdom of exhaustion that sleep does not remedy.”

“Whenever i have a few months, and i suppose i have triumphed over the worst of my depression, it returns silently. This isn’t always a conflict i asked to combat. I’m uninterested in understanding that he will constantly come again.”

“I desired to jot down precisely what i felt, however one way or the other, the paper remained empty and i could not have defined it higher.”

No one realizes how robust a person with Depression has to be to do normal such things as showering, brushing their hair, or getting off the bed.”

“It looks like absolutely everyone else is going on with their lives even as i am stuck right here, in this hole i can’t get out of.”

“There comes a factor wherein you not care if there is a mild on the stop of the tunnel or now not. you are bored with the tunnel.”

” It looks like absolutely everyone else is going on with their lives while i am caught right here, in this hollow i can not get out of.”


“There comes a factor wherein you not care if there is a mild on the stop of the tunnel or now not. you are bored with the tunnel.”

” It looks like absolutely everyone else is going on with their lives while i am caught right here, in this hollow i can not get out of.”

Depression quote: “i conceal all my scars with an” i am exceptional. “

Quote about grief:” humans assume that depression is sadness. Human beings think that despair is crying. Human beings assume that despair is sporting black. But humans are wrong. Despair is a regular feeling of being numb. Be insensitive to feelings, be insensitive to lifestyles. Awaken within the morning just to head again to mattress.”

“You will experience better than this, maybe now not, but, however, you may.” Simply keep living until you are alive again.”

“You smile; however, you want to cry.” You communicate, but you want to shut up. You pretend you are happy, but you are not.”

“My frame and my heart had been no longer made for this. I am bored with being worn-out, and i am uninterested in being unhappy.”

“Each notion is warfare. every breath is a warfare, and i don’t assume I’m winning greater.”

“In case you are chronically depressed, it’s far a lifelong conflict to avoid sinking.”

“Sad, it hurts, but it’s a healthful feeling. it’s far something important to feel. Despair is very one of a kind. “

“Nobody ever tells you that emptiness

quotes for depression

“From time to time, even residing is an act of braveness.”

“I failed to want to wake up. I used to be slumbering a great deal better. And that is actually sad.

“It’s all i need in life: that this ache seems to have a motive.”

“I need to sleep till i sense better.”

“Absolutely everyone who has been so sad can tell you that there is nothing beautiful, literary, or mysterious approximately depression.”


“I’m sad all the time, and the unhappiness is so sturdy that i can not escape from it.”

“I sense so disconnectedly from the sector, and i feel that no person even sees me or cares about me anymore.”

“Ask.” How you doing,” but what they believe is” have you been completed? “my lips say:” properly, thanks, “but my eyes inform a distinctive tale, my coronary heart sings a specific one and my soul most effective cries.”

“It is complicated to explain melancholy to someone who has in no way been there, as it is not a disappointment.”

“Come what may, like such a lot of those who get depressed, we sense that our depressions were extra complex and had been more based totally on the existential than they actually were.”

“It is tough to describe despair to a person who has never been there, as it isn’t unhappiness.”

“Anger, resentment, and jealousy do now not alternate the hearts of others, handiest yours change.”

“You are allowed to experience messy and internal out. it does no longer imply which you are faulty, it just method which you are human.”

“There are wounds that in no way show inside the frame which might be deeper and more dangerous than anything that bleeds.”

“Each man has his mystery sorrows that the sector would not understand, and regularly we name a cold guy while he is only unhappy.”

“Despair isn’t just being a bit unhappy. He would not feel something. He doesn’t need to be alive anymore.”

“And i knew it was terrible once I wakened within the morning, and all i predicted came to go returned to the mattress.”

“The only thing more exhausting than being depressed is to fake you are no longer.”

“It is no longer the feeling of fullness i need, but the feeling of not being empty.”

“Despair has not anything to do with having a terrible day or being sad.”

“She turned into drowning, but no one noticed her combat.”

“My silence is simply any other word for my pain.”

best quotes for depression

“From time to time, i wonder if I am able ever to be glad for myself. I fear that if i cannot be glad for me, then no person will never be happy with me.”

“Occasionally i get so sad. So unhappy that i near completely. I appearance blankly on the wall, and it doesn’t count number what you inform me. Because at that point, i do not exist.”

“I miss the character i was”

“When a depressed individual shrinks away from your contact, it does no longer suggest that He’s rejecting you. Instead, she is shielding you from the dirty and harmful evil that she believes is the essence of her being and that she believes it can harm you. “

“My lifestyles are only a steady battle between wanting to be by myself, however not trying to be on my own.”

“That feeling while you’re not necessarily sad, however, you feel empty.”

“I am uninterested in looking to be stronger than i feel.”
“It is not constantly tears that degree ache. occasionally it is the smile we fake.”
“I need to be fulfilled, but something I yell that I do not deserve it.”
“I cannot describe what I’m feeling. I’m no longer happy, and i realize it. But i am now not precisely sad either. I am actually caught among a lot of these emotions, and i feel so empty.”


“I want to be satisfied. However, something inner me yells that I do not deserve it.”

“The hardest type of sadness isn’t always able to explain the reason.”

“Depression is living in a body that struggles to live on, with a mind that tries to die.”

“It’s a bit like walking down an extended darkish corridor, now not knowing while the mild will come on.”

Depression makes you isolated. It’s far very tough to consider other people while you are wrapped in a layer of prickly unhappiness, and all you can think about is your personal ache.”

“I’m not positive if i am depressed. I suggest i am not sad, but i am no longer precisely glad both. I am able to snort and shaggy dog story and smile at some stage in the day, but now and then while i’m on my own at night time, i forget the way to feel.”

“The worst sort of sadness is not always able to explain why.”

“Crying is the way your heart attacks, while your lips can not explain the pain you will have.”

“You hate while human beings see you cry because you need to be that robust woman. At the identical time, you hate how nobody realizes how shattered and shattered you’re.”

“She says she’s pleasant, but she’s going crazy. He says he feels exact but has a variety of pain. He says it’s not anything; however, it’s simply a lot. He says it is exceptional, but it’s surely not.”

“It’s far hard to reply to the query” what occurs? “while nothing is right.”

“That feeling while you’re now not necessarily sad, however, you experience absolutely empty.”

“And abruptly, i became unhappy for no reason.”

depression quotes

“That is what takes place with despair: a man or woman can continue to exist nearly the whole thing, so long as he sees the resulting insight. However, melancholy is so insidious, and it’s miles complicated daily that it’s miles not possible to peer the end. It’s like a cage without a key.”

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