Best Body Workout Without Equipment

 Looking for body workout at home without any equipments? Although it seems that almost everyone today has a gym and fitness card, strength training at home is not uncommon. There are many reasons to use it. You need to know how to do it right.

When should you use exercises without equipment at home for body workout?

Sometimes you cannot go to the gym. There are days when we do not have time to get there, or we are waiting at home for a courier. I must admit that a gym is a considerable expense for some. Workout without equipment allows you to exercise regularly and with little effort, which helps you stay fit. It is also good (provided that you exercise correctly) for overweight and obese people who should not exercise with a heavy load because of the risk of joint damage. Such workout without equipment will help in the first stage of weight loss and strengthen muscles. They will also help you return to not very intense activity at the beginning after a long break or injury.


Strength workout without equipment – what do you need?


Body workout without equipment does not require anything other than subjects that probably everyone has on a daily basis. You can use chairs, a table, bottles of water as a load. For exercises such as crunches or a board, a fitness mat will be useful, but it is not necessary. It is worth taking care of a comfortable outfit, such as a gym. Do not forget about sports shoes that must cushion and stabilize your feet. There is even a special group of exercises, so-called isometric exercises that involve writing individual muscles in static positions.



How well to start training?

Each workout, regardless of the purpose, the intensity of effort and level of advancement, should be preceded by elements of warm-up and stretching. Otherwise, you can get injured. Strength training without equipment will be rather short and low intensity, such may be the initial exercises.


It may consist of rompers, jogging in place, jumps, and swings. It is also worth remembering about the circulation of individual body parts, from the feet to the neck. Attention! In the case of the neck, we do not make a full turn, only semi-circles from one shoulder to the other – so as not to bend the neck back.


After warming up, perform a few repetitions of stretching exercises for each part of the body. With each repetition, we try to stretch a little more, but slowly and so as not to feel sharp pain – it can be a sign of too much tension in the tendons and muscles, threatening to break.

Exercises to perform at home without equipment

Here are some simple exercises that are perfect for home weight training. They develop and strengthen the muscles of individual parts of the body, so combining different exercises, we will get a harmonious effect.

Abdominal exercises without equipment

Abdominal muscles are the part of the body that you must not forget. It’s not just a slim look and a six-pack scratched under the skin. They are also mostly responsible for the correct body posture, especially the deep muscles. Workout for the abdomen without equipment is not only accessible crunches. It is worth diversifying them even by doing obliquely, and then we activate larger muscle groups and slim the waist. The abdomen will work intensively also when the upper body lies flat, and we raise our legs. You can perform a series of lifts straightened in the knees of the legs, as well as scissors in two planes. The lower we keep our legs during them, the stronger the thighs and stomach work.

Leg exercises

Leg exercises at home should be done with a load. Water bottles will be used for this: two smaller ones, from 1 to 2 liters, and one large, 5 or 2, 5 liters. The most straightforward exercise that can be done is weight squats. You can do them by holding two smaller bottles in both hands. In the harder version, one large bottle filled with water and hold it with both hands on the back next to the neck. Similarly, the load can be applied to alternating steps. When training your legs, it is essential that your spine is straight (this helps moderately tense abdominal muscles) and your knees, when viewed from the front, in line with your ankles.

Exercises for hands

The range of exercises that can be done at home to strengthen hands is very wide. It is very easy to grade their difficulty and use hand exercises alternately. You can choose classic pumps, against the wall, with a chair, various types of squeezing using water bottles. The pumps on the chairs are excellent variety. It will be challenging to practice raising and lowering the body in such a way that the hands are based on two spaced chairs and the legs e.g., on the couch. You can also connect the pumps and the board by resting your legs on the chair and your hands on the floor. A fascinating exercise is inverted push-ups: we put our feet on the floor, squatting or sitting so that the buttocks touch the front legs of the chair. We raise and lower ourselves on the arms based on the seat. This is an excellent exercise for triceps.

Back exercises

It is also worth remembering to strengthen the back muscles and increase the range of spine movement. A simple exercise is the reverse of crunches: we lie on the stomach and lift the legs and upper body. The pelvic area is to be firmly attached to the floor in this exercise. If we want to stretch and strengthen the back simultaneously, it is worth applying oblique limb extension (left arm with the right leg and vice versa) from a supporting knee.

End of exercise

The last stage of body workout at home should be gentle stretching of all body parts. If we train in the evening, breathing exercises from yoga, taichi, and meditation will also help to calm down.

How to exercise at home safely?

Every training must be safe for the person performing it. We have to take care of it ourselves. To avoid injury, keep your arms and legs in the correct axis and keep your spine straight during each weight training exercise. Do not over-knee – it is safer to keep them slightly bent. Pain associated with stretching is an individual matter.

However, you should differentiate between the normal and the one that performed the exercise too much or incorrectly. Acute and sudden pain should be a signal to stop the exercise. If it does not pass after a while, and even becomes more troublesome, it is worth just in case to see a doctor. If it turns out to be nothing dangerous, he will recommend anti-inflammatory drugs, massages, and relaxing baths. It is better to be safe than sorry to ignore the severe injury. 

 We hope that the best body workout without equipment will help you very much and you should follow these steps on a daily basis and become fit as soon as possible.



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