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Domestic tips

Baqir often complains of colds and coughs. This situation is very painful. Elders say that crime weakens the mind and color.

This prescription will get rid of your sore throat, cold, flu, hoarseness and sore throat forever. Ingredients:

Take a glass of water, a page clone of Samartan, now you put a glass of water in it and add a child.

Drinking both of these will completely eliminate your rash and vomiting. How not to use it on young children. Use it on people who are surfing. Inshallah, you will run out of drinking water from another mouth.

Ginger treatment

Treatment  ginger, by taking it, it also comes down in them and also stays free from stomach diseases.

Ginger is useful in all diseases of the stomach. It is also connected and still is.

They drank fresh ginger and mixed a glass of water, lemon juice, mint juice and honey.

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Lick these mixtures three times a day. Ginger was used only in the case of hemorrhoids. Ginger is also eaten to remove pancakes.

If you want to keep this in mind, then after the meal, it was the tricks of the institution. If water accumulates in the stomach due to this, then the patient drinks ginger water.

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