Beauty tips

Beauty tips  best domestic tips

Beauty tips

It is best to use a mask to refresh and moisturize oily skin this month.

Mix six teaspoons of lemon juice in one egg white and apply it on the skin and wash your face after one hour.

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For dry skin you need to use a very basic cleanser. Use as a lease for thickened oily skin while money pulp) to eliminate dead cells from the skin.

Sunshine | Even in dry and gloomy weather Most women have cracked heels

They are very anxious and want to wash their feet with warm water and apply castor oil and some oil on their feet to sleep.

In order to get rid of the fitness that occurs in the soles of moist Alwar wax, fresh and turmeric neem and Ali are full together.

On the parts of Karalin Zoo, I pay daily attention to honey in warm water so that the system of management is correct.

Stay Use freshly extracted radish to get rid of rain-soaked scalp.

To soothe the skin from the heatstroke, mix rose water in a meal with B-sandalwood powder so that it becomes a thick paste.

Now apply this paste on the skin.

Apply on the parts where there are more grains and take a bath after a while. After completing the departure,

the skin will look fresh and fresh and will also be free from gray teeth.

How to whiten your complexion

Today we will tell you a very simple tonic to whiten your complexion with a simple thing and there is no harm in using it which will make your complexion blonde in 5 minutes.

Take a lemon and squeeze it then mix half a teaspoon of turmeric and mix it well

and apply it on the face and after 10 minutes massage the light for 5 minutes and then after 5 minutes wash with plain water,

change the color of your face. Will go and the face will look blonde, meet B three times a week.

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