Benefits of Klonji

Benefits of Klonji best domestic tips

Benefits of Klonji

Use it after eating um after listening to the complaint. If I am coming in them, I would grind some turtle and grind it and mix it with olive oil.

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6. It is also diuretic. Useful in both hot and cold diseases. While its own temperament is warm and is useful in all diseases caused by cold.

2- Clooney has the status of an elixir for improving the digestive system.

It is very useful in flatulence and constipation. People who have heavy gas in the stomach after eating,

the gas will go away and the medicine card will continue to go, but the stomach has also improved.

And by mixing Kalini with Mecca, stomach worms are killed. Touch the clone and grind it finely. Wrap it in a cloth and make a bundle.

Sniffing it again and again makes the cold worse. Sneezing is left after cooking the drops in the nose. Happens.

The innumerable benefits of clonji are understood.

A chennai mixed with eight to ten drops of special honey mixed with special honey and licked with the index finger every morning

while reciting Bismillah-ur-Rehman-ur-Rehman removes many diseases.

There are also the following benefits of Klonji: Boiling four Klonji oils and applying it on a semi-warm head relieves colds, flu and headaches.

Eating Klonji removes dryness from the body.

Applying Klonji oil on the body removes moles.

Gargling of cloves crushed in water removes the tooth. Mixing a clonji with vinegar and eating it removes the rest.

And with the washing of Klonji, they become empty and die again.

There were two poppy oils and rubbing a portion of Rogun Klonji on one side reduces the youth.

Using 6 drops of Klonji oil with milk at night clears the respiratory tract.

Mixing a clonji with vinegar and applying it on a purse polymer removes the hair. Applying Klonji oil on the itchy area removes the itch.

Stomach ache is cured by mixing Klonji and Awajhasa black salt. Mixing Klonji oil with essential oil and putting it in the ear relieves ear pain.

Insulin white, insulin black, kg private, ginger not all equal, it should be added to the curry. Useful for nerve pains

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