Benefits of banana

Benefits of banana is the best fruit

Benefits of banana

Banana is one of the oldest fruits grown in the world. It is a fruit without seeds. Banana is a fruit that is found during the twelve months of the year.

This fruit is not very expensive but the poor can easily buy it. It comes in many forms. Banana peel is thick which protects it from contamination and bacteria.

Ripe bananas vary not only in size but also in colors like green, yellow and reddish. Banana is considered to be the early homeland of the subcontinent and Malaya.

Arab writers call banana the weirdest fruit in India. Greek writers are of the opinion that bananas were called “the fruit of paradise” in the Malay era of Europe.

The Siamese people of Malaya took the fruit to Madagascar in the 5th century AD, and from there the banana spread to the east coast of Africa and later to the interior.

Bananas later became common in European countries and then all over the world.

Banana is widely grown in three regions of India namely South India, West India and Bihar and Eastern parts of Assam.

The banana of “Hari Chaal” grown in India is considered to be very good.

Banana is widely grown in the province of Sindh in Pakistan, which meets the needs of the country as well as is sent abroad.

Nutritional Importance:

Benefits of banana

. Bananas have a lot of nutritional value. Bananas contain a combination of fiber, protein, vitamins, energy and minerals that are rarely found in any other fruit.

It contains an abundance of easily dissolved sugars, which are a source of energy and fatigue-fighting ingredients.

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When milk and banana are mixed, lotus becomes a balanced food. The protein found in nails is also very good.

This protein contains three very important amino acids. Milk and cinnamon combine to form the ideal nutrients that are essential for the human body.

Bananas contain 70.1% Moisture, 1.2% Protein, 0.3% Fat, 0.8% Minerals, 0.4% Fiber and 27.2% Carbohydrates.

In addition, some amount of vitamin B complex is found. 100 grams of bananas also contain 116 calories

The Benefit of banana fruit

Banana is very useful in constipation and diarrhea. Banana improves the function of the large intestine in case of diarrhea,

ie it regulates bowel movements by absorbing large amount of water in the large intestine. Bananas are very useful in case of constipation.

This is because the substance found in bananas, pelletman, helps in absorbing water and expelling the substances that accumulate in the intestines. ۔

Mixing a little salt in a well-cooked banana mixture and using it proves to be useful in diarrhea.

The famous Indian doctor Karti Kar says that the use of cooked banana mixed with tamarind and salt is a sure and effective cure for dysentery.

He claims that with this prescription he has cured many patients with severe and chronic dysentery. It is useful to use games in children’s diarrhea.

Well ripe bananas should be well fed to children.

Due to its soft pulp and texture, banana can be used as a food in intestinal diseases and is of great benefit to the patient.

An unknown compound is found in bananas which is called Vitamin U and this name is also given in reference to ulcers because this compound is useful in the treatment of ulcers.

Banana is a fruit that,

if eaten raw, does not cause any problems in the case of chronic gastric ulcers.

But a safe layer is formed which helps the ulcer to disappear very quickly. Ripe banana is the best treatment for colic pain due to ulcer.

It is a type of musculoskeletal system. In severe cases, the severe symptoms of ulcers are reduced and the process of digestion is accelerated.

Nails contain iron. The use of nails significantly increases the production of red blood cells (hemoglobin).

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