How to protect your health

How to protect your health and your body best tips

Health experts say that after years of study and experimentation, the results are as follows:

Wake up in the morning and rinse first. Then drink half a glass of fresh water. Always leave the bed before sunrise.

After bathing, pay homage to your Creator and Master. Allow at least three hours between shops.

Eat dinner just before sunset because the sun’s heat helps digest food. Approach the woman three hours after dinner.

In summer, wash your face, hands and feet with cold water before going to bed. Doing so leads to restful sleep.

Does not happen Drink a glass of water at least one hour before each meal.

If I mix a little bit of salami juice in it, do not drink water while eating, but drink water one hour after eating.

Food should be eaten cheerfully and after eating it should be laughed out loud. By doing so, food is digested quickly.

Signs of good health

How to protect your health

The face of a person in perfect health is open. His back is thin and straight.

Teeth are white and clean. He has a strong appetite. All the organs of the body are healthy. Its skin is soft.

There is no rash on the face nor is it lying on the lips. Her eyes are bright, her tongue is clear and pink.

Her belly does not protrude beyond her breasts. The breasts are wide. The hair of the head is soft. No breath comes from his breath. He sleeps soundly.

His mouth does not stink, nor does his sweat stink. He does not spit again and again. He does not have constipation.

When he wakes up, he feels refreshed and refreshed. His stomach gets hot and his head gets cold. Its digestion is always good.

It has the power to withstand heat and cold. Can work without feeling tired.

These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use. Remember, the best health is life.

Experts say that good health is the source of all life.

The benefits of using vegetables and fruits

Fruits and vegetables are an invaluable gift of nature.

Compared to other foods like meat, poultry, fish, eggs, milk, etc., they become more and more easily available.

While we do not have to go to the markets to get meat, poultry, fish, eggs, etc. Fruits and vegetables we find in the smallest village. So there are many benefits to using them.

Here are some of them: Eating vegetables and fruits speeds up digestion. Therefore, people with poor digestion are advised to drink vegetable and fruit juices.

If a little water is used in the juice, it will be digested more quickly. Eating fruit on an empty stomach in the morning is very beneficial.

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It helps a lot in getting rid of loved ones. Vegetable juice should always be used fresh and raw.

There is no denying that vegetable juice cures slowly but surely. The juice is useful to drink in the morning or in the afternoon. You can drink 16 ounces of juice at a time.

Always use seasonal vegetable and fruit juices and use a small amount of sugar.

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