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If you want a Killer chest workout at home, there is room for maneuver if you do not have a barbell, dumbbell, and bench. This does not mean, however, that we will not be able to do the best chest workout at home.


Each of us has heard of push-ups and probably did them more or less successfully. Push-up is an excellent exercise using your body weight, which allows you to work on building your chest muscles at home and more.

Before starting any of these plans, first, familiarize yourself with the proper way to do each exercise. It is also worth choosing a plan in terms of your current skills.

What are Chest Muscles?

Chest muscles are a group of medium-sized muscles. You do not need a massive amount of exercise to stimulate them properly. The determinant of proper training is progress recorded over a longer period. For example – if at the beginning of training you were able to do 15 classic push-ups, and after a month, you increased this number to 30 repetitions using an impeccable technique, then you can be sure that you give the muscles the right stimulus. However, for muscle development, we also need to ensure proper regeneration and nutrition.

Most chest exercises are compound, multi-joint exercises. This means that in addition to the pectoral muscles themselves, the shoulder muscles and triceps are very much involved. That is why you have to remember about the correct technique of performing exercises because abandonment can lead to taking overwork by other muscle groups.

Best Chest Workout at Home :

The following best chest workout at home will help you to grow your chest without any equipment.


Push-ups with elevated legs. An exercise that focuses mainly on the upper regions of the pectoral muscles, which are neglected in most people. This variety of push-ups can be difficult for beginners, so it’s best to start with classic push-ups. Over time, we can do the exercise with a backpack filled with books to increase the level of difficulty. We can also use gymnastic rubbers. With one hand, press one end of the rubber put it behind your back at the height of the armpits, and press the other end with the other hand. Pumps with rubbers make it the hardest to get up in the final stages of movement.

Classic pumps

Classic and most basic exercise for the development of chest muscles. Remember to keep your torso straight and taut during the exercise. We try to lower as slowly as possible while taking a deep breath and return to the starting position as soon as possible while breathing out. People who efficiently perform 20 repetitions in a series, can do the exercise with a backpack filled with books or another load to increase the intensity.

Pumps on Chairs

Chairs are set a little wider than the distance between our shoulders. We put our hands on their edges, and then we do push-ups in the same way as classic push-ups. To make the exercise a bit difficult, we can arrange the legs on an elevated position, which will allow the chest to be engaged at a slightly different angle. Thanks to the use of chairs, we can lower the torso much lower, thanks to which the chest muscles stretch better and work in a broader range of motion. A more extensive range of motion promotes better muscle development. Instead of chairs, we can buy push-up handles. They are not expensive and can be an excellent investment.

Clasps on Cloths

A complicated exercise, but it gives excellent results. To make it, we need a slippery floor and two cloths. We go to the support forward, we place the hands on the width of the shoulders and put cloths under them. We spread our hands outside and try to bring the trunk as close as possible to the floor. Then we return to the starting position.

Classic Bends

If possible, put yourself on a soft mat or soft surfaces such as carpet, lawn, or clean floor. Place your hands on the ground in front of you to preserve your elbows at about forty-five levels along with your body.

EXECUTION: Rest the tip of the feet, keeping the body level in the normal position of Piegamenti. You can keep your feet closer or more open for more stability, as you favor. Be careful not to lift your butt while moving (facilitates effort).

Now that we have our feet and hands holding on the ground, we slowly go down with the chest towards the ground. We keep the hip straight in line with the body during the movement. To give you a source on movement speed, consider getting in 1 second and going down in 2-3 seconds. In this way, both the Concentric phase and the Eccentric phase will be fully exploited.

In the beginning, perform SINGLE Bends where you only take care of the shape, to automate the correct movement.

Push Up on Knees

If you start entirely from scratch, it is possible that in the beginning, you could not perform the Classic Pushups that we will see later. In this case, no problem, start by doing only the exercise resting on the knees.

After 2-3 weeks, try performing Classic Full Arm Pushups and see how you feel.

In general, when you get to do about a dozen knee bends, you will be able to do 1 or 2 perfect straight body bends.

Perhaps put on a soft mat or a smooth surface such as carpet, carpet or lawn, otherwise on a clean floor.

Place your hands on the ground in front of you to keep your elbows at about 45 degrees with your body.

EXECUTION: Place your knees on the floor on the mat and cross your feet. Now gently go down on your arms, and when your chest touches the ground, go back up to the origin position. This is called a Bend. Do as many pushups as possible with each set. Try always to keep a controlled movement downhill to increase energy: do not follow the elbows remarkably raised as it can be annoying for the shoulder in the long run.


These inner folds are hard and challenging, only for advanced who already master the previous folds. It is a question of performing a classic Fold, but with more distant hands.

How far apart? This depends because they can be done at various widths, and clearly, the more they widen, the more intense it becomes. So start constantly. When you have found the distance that you think is right for your current strength level, find a way to keep your mark for the next workouts. The movement will be shorter than the Classic pushups, so be sure to control it well throughout the arc and not to make critical moves.

This workout for the pectorals targets to mimic the crosses within the fitness center as a protracted manner as possible as a sort of stimulation, having a decrease intervention of their triceps and greater wide-ranging of the pectoral.

chest workout at home


This exercise is suitable only for trained and practical people of Arm Bend. Like the Classic Folds seen previously, but this time the feet will be resting on a rise.

The inclination of the body will create an overload on the muscles of the Pectoral and anterior Deltoids, emphasizing the effort of the flexion. You can start from different elevations (stools, chairs, low walls), making sure that they are always firm and stable.

I suggest starting with relatively low rises (30-50 cm) and then gradually increasing over time as it improves. Be careful to keep your body straight during the movement.

Advantages of Chest Workout at home :

 The advantages of chest workout at home are as follows.

  •  Low risk of injury,
  •  time flexibility
  •  saving time,
  •  saving money,
  •  building foundations for training in the gym,
  •  possibility of training while away when we do not have access to equipment.

Disadvantages :

If you want to gain much mass on your chest, then only chest workout at home is not only enough. You will have to go for a gym workout there with atlas, a barbell, or a bench. At home, we have less motivation for workout-as we go for a gym then we meet with some people of a similar goal.

We hope that you have learned all about the chest workout at home and will try this workout on a daily basis.

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