Daily workout routine for better fitness results

daily workout routine

Many people want to train regularly, but they can’t build the habit. We all know that one thing is that we want to train, and it is a very different thing to teach. Changing our behaviour is not easy. Daily workout routine helps a lot to improve better fitness results.

Especially when we consider the psychological aspect, how we feel, self-esteem, anxiety, insecurity, etc. But some simple methods can make training easier.

Even for people who train for years, it’s not always easy. And they face the same difficulties.

These tips, which I will share below, can be used to build a habit of exercising and not to miss exercises and be more regular.

Plan for Workout Routine

The following plan will help a lot to improve fitness.

1. Build a small ritual

Practices are certain forms of behaviour that we repeat.

If there is no repetition in your behaviour and actions, then there is no habit.

Consider creating a habit that can be seen as an exercise. We practice doing the same thing at different times.

This means that if you find a way to make the process of starting easier, it will make the construction of habit more easily.

This is why routine and small rituals are so important. If you manage to build a little ceremony that makes going to the gym (for example) easier, then it will be much easier to train.

You can express your intention to train clearly by completing the following sentence:

In the next week, I will teach on [DAY] at [Hour] on/in [LOCATION].

One study found that people who completed the above sentence were between 2 and 3 times more likely to train for an extended period. This is a method in psychology that has proven its positive effects.

2. Choose the right exercise

Start with an easy activity.

The best way to start training and building a workout habit is to start with an exercise that is so easy that it can be performed even when you have no energy or motivation.

Start with something so easy that you can’t refuse.

A good strategy is to apply the rule of 5 seconds.

This is a super easy method. I know what you’re going to think, but it’s not about lifting food from the floor, it’s something else.

The 5-second rule is this: If you have to do something, you count 1 to 5 without thinking, and do it.

A perfect example of this is getting out of bed early in the morning.

Do you want to go out to train but you’re lazy? Fill the bottle with water, put on your shoes. And that is it. You no longer have to go out, and in all conditions, your workout will be successful. Often, counting to 5 is enough to boost your motivation, start and finish your workout.

3. Habit above all

Focus on the pattern first, and results in last.

The standard way we all approach it is to look for results first.

Most people have goals, they say, “I want to lose 5 pounds.” Or, “I want to gain 5 kg of muscle mass.”

Wholly logical and understandable. And I want results when I train. But I am sure that if you repeat the above sentence several times, you will feel a small note in you that tells you to look for results in the first place may be a mistake.

It is essential to focus on developing a working system (which will bring you results) than over results. The daily workout routine is very important in terms of fitness.

What is essential when we start training?

It is essential to build a routine that you will be able to maintain. It is a combination of healthy habits that will be tailored to your goals in the long run, and that can be maintained.

Why do I say “supported”?

This is important because anyone can lose weight by going on a strict diet. But many of these diets are impossible to maintain for the long term (eg, 90-day diet, etc.). In part because it can be argued that they are unhealthy. And most of all, because when you stop this diet, you are likely to return to your old eating habits and, accordingly, your former state (yo-yo effect).

We are not talking about results.

Let me give you an example: In the first six months, it is more important not to miss workouts than to have tremendous progress. When you become the type of person who does not miss workouts, then you can worry about improving your achievement. Why? Because you already have the necessary qualities to do it.

When training is a habit, you can find hundreds of ways to improve. But out of habit, whatever you do would be pointless or short-lived. When you build the right habits, the results will follow.

We hope that you like our daily workout routine(article).

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