7 Myths for Weight Training

myths for weight training

Using dumbbells, barbells or various appliances is not the only way. In my observation, weight training is often underestimated. And with them, you can also increase muscle mass or lose weight.

And sometimes you may not be able to go to the gym, and then they are the perfect alternative.

Anyone can achieve incredible results through this type of exercise, which, for the most part, do not require any equipment or accessories.

As a person who started such workouts and is a big fan (I admit) to street fitness, I want to pay attention to the most common myths and misinformation related to weight training.

You cannot gain muscle mass

Whether you use the parade in the park or the staircase in the cooperative where you live, this is not true.

Your muscles and body are not interested in whether you use new or old weights in the gym. Also, don’t care if it’s a dumbbell or your body weight. The level of resistance is essential.

We should not forget that diet is a significant factor in gaining muscle mass. You could teach as tons as you want every day, but if you do not eat properly, everything will be in vain.

Protein and the number of calories you consume are paramount. Also, the quality and quantity of your sleep is an essential factor in recovery after a workout.

Do not underestimate the other factors and their importance.

You will not become stronger

Unfortunately, another common misconception.

Things are just the opposite; chances are you will become much stronger than you think. Of course, the term “force” can be entirely subjective at times.

If you want to emphasize muscular strength, then one of the first things is that your training program is tailored to that end.

When training, one of the main goals is to strive for an increased workload. In other words, you should be able to do more with time.

If you started with ordinary pushups and can do many reps without even getting tired, then it’s time to move on to a more challenging variation of the exercise.

For example, if your squats are comfortable, you can switch to one-leg squats.

In this line of thought, I think of another myth, namely;

You cannot achieve progressive loading

Progression is a crucial element of training for results.

Muscle resistance and load must continuously be in line with your current level. You should strive to exceed your limits. Otherwise, you will maintain the same level of training and fitness.

There are many ways to progress:

  • More reps;
  • More series;
  • More difficult movements and variations;
  • More live time;
  • Smaller breaks;
  • Changing their training and others.

In the gym, things often seem more comfortable because you can add a little more weight to the lever or take a heavier dumbbell.

When it comes to weight training, things may seem more complicated and unclear.

It may be more difficult at first, but over time you will find that you have an extensive selection of exercises and movements that are in no way inferior to efficiency. Some of the activities that are appropriate for the advanced may take years (in some cases) to complete.

Can only be done at home or on-site

One workout of one’s weight can be done both at home and outdoors and even in the gym. Often, they do not require special equipment or equipment.

This is not always so, of course, because of the pots, the picks, and more. Exercises require a lever or a parallel. But they can also be made at home. Buckets can be made between two tables, a cupboard, or a chair. And the dials can be made with a lever to dial the door.

Many exercises can be modified and made more difficult thanks to items that everyone has in their home, such as a backpack, a water bottle, or a heavy book.

I prefer to do them outside because I prefer to be out in the fresh air and nature.

You can’t sculpt a beautiful body

Many people think that the only way to carve a proportional and aesthetically-looking body is to go to the gym.

It depends.

Even in the hall, this may not happen. The key is how exactly your workout is structured. Both in the gym or at home, you can not train a muscle group and therefore have muscle imbalances.

You do not need to rest

When it comes to fitness, it’s reasonable to have weekends. However, I also often get questions about whether it can be done:

  • Dialled every day ;
  • Facial supports every day and others.

In weight training, things are no different than when you go to the gym.

Even often, street fitness exercises are associated with activating many more muscle groups, making them much more difficult.

Do yourself a favour and get yourself some rest days. This is one of the best ways to:

  • Avoid injuries;
  • Increase muscle mass;
  • Improve your energy levels;
  • Avoid overtraining;

They are not severe enough

It is often thought that weight training is not rigorous enough and cannot provide enough resistance. I am sure that anyone who has tried to do a one-handed or one-legged squat will have you just the opposite.

Years ago, when I switched from street fitness to exercise in the gym, one of the first things I noticed was that I could lift more weight than people there (and in better shape).

Self-weight workouts often target more than one muscle and require extremely high concentration and control of the body and how it moves. You can achieve extremely high intensity, often with just a slight movement modification.

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