What is Fitness ? Important points

Life is now difficult to imagine without fitness. Maintaining good physical shape affects success in all areas of life.
Fitness is most important thing in the modern world now a days. But, without an stress on bodybuilding – the goal of fitness is not easy to achieve records, but the passion to lead a healthy lifestyle. In this article, we will talk about the effects that can be achieved by doing this or that type of fitness, and what you need to know about fitness as a beginner.

What is Fitness ?

The word “Fitness” comes from the English adjective “fit” which means to become healthy or to become in a good shape . But this concept includes not only physical exercises. It is also the rule of the day, including recovery after classes, relaxation, and proper nutrition, that is, a completely healthy lifestyle.

A set of exercises and diet are selected depending on age, accordance to health,  goals (chest,weight loss, weight gain, etc.), structure and features of the figure.

Setting Goals is an Important Step:

There are many goals i.e weight loss,weight gain,beautiful figure,improvements of joints,promotion of health,and increasing muscles.
There are two main types of physical activity – aerobic and anaerobic exercise.
Aerobic exercise also includes running,swimming and cycling etc.Aerobic exercise includes those type of physical activities when the body needs oxygen to release energy,carbohydrates and fats burn and provide energy to working muscles.Aerobic exercise has a good  improving effect on health, improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system and supports the general physical form.
Anaerobic exercise is the exercise to make muscles strong and powerful and to increase the volume of muscles.

Types of Fitness :

There are many types of fitness i.e shaping,gym,increasing muscles,dancing,weight lifting,stretching the body,yoga etc.
It depends on your goal that what fitness is required for you ?

Stretching :

Muscle stretching exercises that restore flexibility to the body. This type of fitness helps to the break down of fats and improves the blood circulation.

Yoga :

Yoga exercises are combined with parts of breathing practices, alternating dynamic and static movements.Yoga produces more flexibility in our body.

Exercises with weighting:

Exercise with weighting is know as “Fitness” now a days. With the help of,dumbbells,rods,expanders,barbells etc people work to get in shape. As a rule, training takes place in the gym. Trainers help to strengthen muscles and develop muscles.It includes weight-lifting,cross-fit and power-lifting.

Classical, Dance and other Aerobics Modifications:

This type of fitness combines exercises for developing muscles.Aerobics strengthens the  cardiovascular system, helps to reduce weight and improve body shape.In aerobics, there are a huge number of directions. The most popular dance areas are aerobics, dance, afro, latino, funk and others. Additional load and calorie consumption is achieved due to water resistance.
We hope that this article helped you a lot to know more about how to get in shape?

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