The benefits of figs

The benefits of figs best domestic tips

The benefits of figs

Water is also called the fruit of heaven, a great blessing for the weak and the first people.

Medical experts say that eating these figs every day can control obesity. Experts say that people who are obese should eat four to five figs a day,

which is enough for the body needs calories. Figs are rich in protein, minerals like mesquite and phosphorus,

both figs are dry and I have peace and plenty. And peace B and D are in small quantities.

Due to these ingredients, figs are a useful food medicine. Its use makes bones bones.

Experts say that the story fulfills two percent of human needs. Figs also contain certain types of calories.

So people who want to lose weight must use Anber, because a fig has only 47 calories.

People with high blood pressure do not have adequate sodium and potassium deficiency and their use has been shown to be very useful in restoring this ratio.

The antioxidants in figs are also more standard than other fats, and these compounds emit bile that targets the blood vessels.

Benefits of figs

Creates fresh flavors. Reduces odor. Burns Creates the first of these. Is helpful. Strengthens the liver.

Relieves spleen edema. Relieves chest pain and fattening the body.

Eliminates coughs and burns. Eliminates epilepsy.

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 is more and less medicine and more blood is produced. So much so that it is not produced from any other fruit.

The fact is that it has abundant earthly properties and its essence is Isha which is suitable for everyone

but produces face and bile. If the color becomes irregular due to diseases, It is cured by eating. Fast food. The skin penetrates the stomach and body.

Strengthens the body. Useful for figs and dry epilepsy.

Compatible with the chest, celebrates the spleen of the chest and also relieves sore throat. The kidneys and bladder are elevated.

Urine is beneficial if it comes from the urethra. Figs are used for diarrhea and diarrhea.

Removes rheumatism and inflammation. Suitable for patients suffering from epilepsy and dementia. Repels toxins

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