Skin treatment

Skin treatment best domestic tips

Skin treatment

Itching, itching, ringworm, abscesses, psoriasis and herpes are called skin diseases.


Excess of chemical elements in the body, deficiency of vitamin A and C, contagion and lack of calcium are the causes of skin diseases.


The first treatment for skin diseases is to cleanse the blood, cleanse the stomach, and cleanse the stomach. Bathing with salt in warm water cures winter skin diseases.

Grinding neem buds (newly emerging leaves) and mixing it with water is very beneficial.

Boiling the bath and squeezing its juice and eating cooked vegetables is beneficial in skin diseases.

Boiling the bath in water and washing the affected skin with this water cures it.

Squeeze the raw leaves of the bath and squeeze out the juice. Mix half a cup of sesame oil in two cups of juice and heat over low heat.

When all the juice is burnt and oil is left, it would be very beneficial to filter and apply it on the affected skin. Drinking poppy syrup in hot weather cures summer skin diseases.

Heat red chillies in 125 grams with 375 grams of mustard oil.

When it starts to boil, filter the oil and save it and use it in skin diseases. Cucumber consumption eliminates skin diseases.

Drinking tomato juice for three to four weeks cures blood disorders, ringworm, swelling of the bones of the mouth

and blood flow to the teeth. Eating two servings daily protects against skin diseases.

Make ash by frying wheat on a hot stove. Mix this ash with crushed cursor oil and apply it on the affected skin.

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It cures chronic incurable skin diseases. Grinding celery in warm water and applying it on the affected skin is beneficial. ۔

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