Medical benefits of banana

Medical benefits of banana best domestic tips

Medical benefits of banana

The nutritional value of bananas

Bananas have a lot of nutritional value. Bananas are a combination of fiber, protein, vitamins,

energy and minerals that are rarely found in any other fruit. Compared to all fresh fruits, bananas have more calories and less moisture.

It contains a large amount of easily soluble sugars, which are a source of instant energy and fatigue-fighting ingredients.

When milk and banana are mixed, it becomes a perfectly balanced diet. The protein found in nails is also very good.

This protein contains three very important amino acids. Milk and banana combine to form the ideal nutrient that is essential for the human body.

Bananas contain 70.1% Moisture, 1.2% Protein, 0.3% Fat, 0.8% Minerals, 0.4% Fiber and 27.2% Carbohydrates.

Some vitamin B complex is found. 100 grams of bananas also have 116 calories

Healing power and medical use:

In traditional Indian medicine, this fruit is considered by nature to be an invaluable gift for the survival of youth.

Bananas are still used today to create a healthy digestive system and a feeling of full youthIs there a fruit that protects the body from calcium, phosphorus and nitrogen?

That is why these three elements together play a role in building active and healthy cells and tissues in the human body.

The sugar found in bananas plays a role in maintaining youth as well as making food a part of the body.

Banana is very useful in constipation and diarrhea. Banana improves the function of the large intestine in case of diarrhea.

I regulate constipation by absorbing large amount of water in the large intestine. Banana is very useful in case of constipation.

This is because the substance pectin found in bananas helps in absorbing water and expelling the substances that accumulate in the intestines.

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They have the ability to make beneficial germs instead of harming the bacteria. Mixing a little salt in a well-cooked banana

meal and using it proves to be useful in 25 diseases. India’s famous doctor Karti Kar.

It is said that the use of ripe banana with a mixture of tamarind and salt is a sure and effective cure for dysentery.

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