Lemon treatment

Lemon treatment best domestic tips

Lemon treatment

Introduction to lemons

Lemon juice and peels have long been used as a medicine for fever, sore throat, inflammation, itching and most infectious diseases.

In ancient times, it was not possible to deliver fresh food during sea voyages, so sailors used to suffer from scurvy due to lack of vitamin C.

After research and discovery, a cure was discovered which made it possible to both prevent and cure the disease.

It is very difficult to say when and how lemons were planted. Who planted lemons first?

However, it is clear that the batches of lemons found in Mesopotamia and all the biblical ruins that date back to 4,000 BC.

Lemon treatment

Lemons are a source of benefits. In summer, it is commonly drunk and left in the curry. It is also eaten with pickles.

This flower is an example of its benefits. It is a treasure trove of vitamin C. It is useful in all diseases caused by vitamin deficiency.

Lemons are a boon for bleeding patients. Using a spoonful every day before meals helps with indigestion and diarrhea.

When the throat and throat become swollen, after half an hour, mix three drops of lemon juice in a drop of water and apply it to the throat and gargle.

In case of high and hot fever, making lemon juice and drinking it reduces anxiety and fever.

In obese fresh patients with heart failure, drinking four to five glasses of Scanjabin throughout the day improves health.

Patients with liver acidity can use two teaspoons of lemon juice,

two teaspoons of sugar and ground black pepper in a pound of rose water for breakfast for a few days in the morning to get rid of acidity. *

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Cut the lemons into two pieces and give a light toast on the fire. Massage on the forehead and temples for a few minutes to get rid of the headache. The spots go away.

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