Ertugrul Ghazi history

Ertugrul  Ghazi  history  and  sultanate  usmaniya


Ertugrul Ghazi history

The series revolves around the Turkish warrior Erturul of the thirteenth century.

who is one of the most famous warriors of his time and also the father of Osman (founder of the Ottoman Empire).

He is an ambitious man who wants to bring peace and justice to his people. It is at war with the Crusaders on the one hand, the Byzantines on the other,

and the brutally dispersed Mongols who killed many Turks on the other side. Between them, he finds himself in a psychological war between his love and destiny.


And Ertugrul Gazi

Ertugrul Ghazi history

became the chief of the Qai tribe. After the death of his father Suleiman Shah, the people of Ahl came first and then went to Aleppo.

1232 Where Aziz, the grandson of Sultan Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi, ruled the friendship of Ertugrul Ghazi first with Aziz, then married the daughter of Sultan Alaeddin Halima Sultan and had three sons by her and befriended the Ayyubids and the Seljuks .Ertugrul Ghazi history

and occupied a fortress of the Crusaders near Aleppo, then Artugrul Sultan Ala became very close to religion.

As the Mongol invasion approached, Erturul defeated Gazi Noyan, a great Mongol leader.

Noyan was the right hand man of the Mongolian King Ogtai Khan, Ogtai Khan was the son of Genghis Khan and Ogtay Hulaku Khan was the son of running.

Ertugrul Ghazi history

Then Ertugrul Ghazi

led his tribe to So Gut Sogut near Constantinople near Constantinople and

there that he first invaded an important fort of the Byzantines and gathered all the Turkish tribes, and after the death of Sultan Alaeddin,

Artgrel Ghazi became Sultan of the Seljuk Kingdom and his descendants, Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror,

who invaded Constantinople in 1453 and thus fulfilled The Prophecy of the Holy Prophet (may God bless him

and grant him peace) Fighters like Artgrel Ghazi are rare in history, but unfortunately our generation does not know them.

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