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Shortcut  maker

This app can create shortcuts for everything from your Android to the Android home screen.

Select the function and click CREATE for the link. that’s it!
It’s easy, isn’t it?

You can also use this app to start activities from the installed app.
Apps and Activities: Create shortcuts for installed apps and activities.

Folders and files: Create shortcuts to folders and files from internal storage.

Intentions: Create a shortcut to the Android system’s intentions using the default app.

Shortcut maker apps

Quick Settings: Create shortcuts to quickly change your system settings.

Website: Link to your favorite website.

User Requested: Features requested by users.

# Custom #: Just a bonus and the latest feature to edit this app before pulling and creating shortcuts from installed apps.

Contact me: link to send me your suggestions 🙂


Link preview: The activity is displayed after selecting the app before the link view is displayed. You can also rename the shortcut here. You can also add shortcuts to favorites.

Date: Here you can review the list of shortcuts you have created.

What  a news

💥-Android 12 like icons are added. Now you can theme your shortcut’s icon based on wallpaper colors to perfectly match them.
-💥Let me know if you like this feature I’ll improve this further in next few updates.

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