Beautiful romance movies

Beautiful romance movies in the history

Beautiful romance movies

Best Man (1999)

Get a plus for Malcolm De Lee’s wedding drama starring Tai Digges, Sanaa Lathan, and Maurice Chestnut. Without going down the aisle, the film scrolls between the timelines to reveal the secrets, romances, and breaks in friendship that plagued Harper (Diggs) and his comrades. But the chemistry between Lathan and Digges.

Portrait of a Burnt Lady (2019)

An absolutely necessary ingredient for a successful love story? Emotion. And the passion simmering beneath the surface of Celine Sciamma’s award-winning romance is just begging to be launched. As a contemplation of liberation through art, the Portrait story unfolds between a Breton artist and the seductive future bride who has been commissioned to paint. It is intense: watching, not touching. Touch, but don’t feel.


Pride and Prejudice

Beautiful romance movies

One of my favorite Jane Austen films. (The other thing is persuasion.) I can see this movie a lot when I’m in the mood for a good romance. The actors played all of their characters well and I enjoy the melody of the piano chosen. I’ve seen a few different versions of this story and it’s this movie that I prefer.Beautiful  romance movies

I love the movie Pride and Prejudice. Not the one with Keira Knightley, though. Matthew McFaiden was as extraordinary as Mister Darcy. I hope the same could be said of Knightley.

Love Actually

Beautiful romance movies

Nice to start with this movie by Colin Firth and Hugh Grant. I love both. So here it is, but this movie is a funny love story, a comedy. I laughed out loud several times. We do not regret it nor will I promise you.

I will be adding this to my DVD arsenal soon!

He has a mixture of several love stories, each of which is unique. Each of us can relate to or appreciate at least one of the stories. A great movie to pull off when you’re down and want to enjoy romance and humor.

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How # 19 .. Should make it into a top 10 – Hugh Grant’s graduation speech and his sweet stories make it one of the best romantic films ever.

It’s a great movie … the true symbol of love in it … so I ask everyone to watch it at least once.

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