Effective Tabata Workout in 15 Minutes

tabata workout

Tabata workout was created by the head trainer of the Japanese rate soccer team, Izumi Tabata, together with the National Institute of Fitness and Sports. The heart of the approach is at the alternation of time intervals: 20 minutes of intensive job – 10 seconds of rest. Make half of those rounds.

The complex tabata workout consists of 6 exercises and is divided into three pairs. To do it, you’ll need two small towels and also a timer into time the clock.

The best way correctly to perform

Each set needs to be done four times following the scheme:
Exercise 1: 20 sec. (maximum intensity)

Rush: 10 sec.

(maximum intensity)

Rest: 10 sec.

The toast between the pairs is 60 seconds.

Do not forget about the warmup – perform joint exercises and warmup exercises (by way of example, squats, push-ups from the knees, jumps in place ) – and also a hitch (slight stretch).

Pair No.1

1.Plyometric narrow-to-wide squats

  • Dip into the traditional squat (A).
  • From that position, jump up and land at a lean squat: legs together, back straight, knees tend not to exceed the projection of their horn (B).
  • To posture A., immediately jump back without quitting.
 tabata workout


  • While putting the feet shoulder-width apart on two towels, stand upright. The buttocks and abdomen are tense; the back does not bend, your body is more extended in a direct line, that the arms are more comprehensive than the shoulders (A).
  • Push up while keeping the body amount (B).
  • Scale-up and pull your arms toward your body (C). And return to put A.
tabata workout plan

Pair No.2

1.Plyometric laps using a reach

  • By the”foot shoulder-width apart” posture, make a left-handed straight back: the angles at the knee joints are straight, the left-hand reaches to the perfect foot (A).
  • Jump up, change the place of the thighs and land, falling to a lunge. The left foot is in front, and the ideal hands (B) reaches for it.
  • Do not linger at the bottom; do the maximum quantity of jumps, keeping this technique.
 tabata workout for beginners

2.Rock-climber in the slip

  • Stand on towels – at a sitting posture: hands under the shoulder joints, feet.
  • One leg into your chest, bending at the knee.
  • While pulling on another one to the chest, quickly take it back.
  • Continue to change legs at the slip swiftly. Try not to bend down in the back and not stretch up your buttocks.
tabata workout at home

Pair No.3

1.Twists with an alteration in the position of the thighs

  • Lay on the ground, lift your knees, and lean your body back into a position where you can feel that your stomach muscles are tight. Keep your balance.
  • Straighten your leg and turn your body into the left, keeping your hands facing you (A).
  • Without lingering within this position, roll into the right while changing the positioning of the legs: now, the left is straight, and the reason is bent (B).
  • Perform such a shift as quickly as possible, although perhaps not to the detriment of technology.
 15 minute tabata workout

2.”Sliding scissors” from the pub on the back

  • Standon the forearm: elbows beneath the shoulder joints, legs together, socks, towels, buttocks, and abs are strained, the lower back does not bend (A).
  • Spread your thighs in a sliding motion to either side (B), without changing the position of the body and without lifting the pelvis. Immediately return to the starting position.
 tabata workout benefits

We hope that you follow this Tabata workout plan.

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