Fitness Goals Quotes

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If you aren’t some of the people who get every single day hitting the fitness centre and eat gently seasoned broccoli and chicken, do not worry. You’re one of many. After and adhering with your fitness and nutrition program is difficult, and there’ll be times if you can not get any motivation to get to … Read more

15 Muscular Strength Myths

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Maybe some of you remember in physics that the formula for power is the product of speed and strength, and so in our case, the power of skeletal muscle depends on muscular strength and muscle shortening speed: simple, fast contraction, high strength and power like spinach papaya. So let us go further, and so what … Read more

Killer Chest Workout

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  If you want a Killer chest workout at home, there is room for maneuver if you do not have a barbell, dumbbell, and bench. This does not mean, however, that we will not be able to do the best chest workout at home.         Each of us has heard of push-ups … Read more

Best Body Workout Without Equipment

 Looking for body workout at home without any equipments? Although it seems that almost everyone today has a gym and fitness card, strength training at home is not uncommon. There are many reasons to use it. You need to know how to do it right.     When should you use exercises without equipment at … Read more

What is Fitness ? Important points

Life is now difficult to imagine without fitness. Maintaining good physical shape affects success in all areas of life. Fitness is most important thing in the modern world now a days. But, without an stress on bodybuilding – the goal of fitness is not easy to achieve records, but the passion to lead a healthy lifestyle. … Read more

Best Fitness Quotes for Motivation

  Fitness is not clearly one of the keys to any individual’s frame that is sound, but the idea of creative and dynamism notion. We have provided the list of best fitness quotes which help a lot to become fit.     Nowadays its a dream of all people to become fit but due to … Read more