Third eye find who tries to access your mobile


Third eye find who tries to access your mobile

Use the third eye and easily catch any snoopers on the phone. Third Eye makes it easy for you to catch your friends and family when they try to access your cell phone. The third eye takes a picture of someone trying to access your mobile phone with an incorrect PIN, pattern or password. With this application you can catch Snoopers in the act. It has a lot of great features.

Characteristics :
1. The app will automatically take a photo while someone enters the wrong PIN, pattern or password.
2. Notification of wrong attempts to unlock the screen.
3. The last unlock time shows the time before the lock screen opened. This way, you can easily find out if someone has used your mobile phone without your knowledge.
4. Detailed image recordings of intruders on the mobile phone.
5. Lots of customization settings.


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  • Note: “This app uses the authority of the device administrator.” This app uses the device administrator’s privilege to “Monitor attempts to unlock the screen” to detect false attempts on your phone’s lock screen. The app may not work properly without permission.

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