Clipclaps_ reward for laughs

Clipclaps_ reward for laughs

Step 1

To open! Clap clip
Step 2:
Look! Best Videos Listen to Drop Coins!
Step 3:
vote! Because your opinion is important here on ClipClaps!
The fourth step:
compete! Upload your content and become MEGASTAR!
Fifth step:
Repeat steps 2 through 4 until you find …

You have what it takes to be the star of this community!

We are the most rewarding short video community in the world. Join our community today and fill your life with fun and laughter!

At ClipClaps, we have the most important short video content. Dive into the endless scrolling of the craziest and entertaining short videos from all over the world, voted by millions of users from Southeast Asia to Latin America!

Your opinion matters on ClipClaps! You can be the ultimate judge who will decide the fate of the next popular video. Be the beginning of the meme that goes into the history books.

With ClipClaps you can develop MEGASTAR content! Upload your content and get thousands of views instantly! Compete with others and be the king of short videos!


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ClipClaps is your ideal community for short video content. From creatives to viewers, and casual gamers to pros, your journey can start here with us!

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