What kind of food should we eat

What kind of food should we eat?for long life

What kind of food should we eat

You may have noticed that cowherds look for food for their mammals that will give them more milk. Tang Ban feeds his horse food that gives him strength and makes him run faster.

Those who have racing horses are always lost in the thought of what to feed their horses that they are at the forefront of the race. It is a pity that man does not think of maintaining his health.

Why doesn’t he choose his food for himself which will give him wisdom, strength and longevity. We should consume food that is in its natural state or close to it.

Nature has created all kinds of fruits and vegetables that can not only fill our stomachs but also protect us from diseases. The more vegetables and fruits we consume, the more enviable our health will be.

Balanced diet.

What kind of food should we eat

Foods that are rich in all the essential ingredients for our body such as protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals, fiber, vitamins, etc. should be used.

If even one of these components is deficient in our diet, we will be afflicted with various diseases such as vitamin C deficiency, our face, yellow body, pain, gums, loosening of teeth, bad breath and wounds.

Diseases like not filling up quickly etc. are prevalent. Vitamin A deficiency weakens the eyesight. Nothing was seen at night.

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There is irritation and itching in the eyes. The light can’t stand it. Kidney stones form. Small bumps appear on the skin.

Teeth begin

What kind of food should we eat

to move in the world of youth. Cataracts appear in old age. That’s why it’s important to eat a diet high in protein, fat, minerals, carbohydrates, water, calcium and iron.

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