Three advance technology movies

Film Inception

Three advance technology movies

In a world where technology exists to invade the human mind through the conquest of dreams, a highly skilled thief –

the Doom Cup – is given one last chance for salvation, including completing its toughest assignment yet: founding

Famed director Christopher Nolan leads an international cast in Inception,

an original science fiction actor who travels the world into an intimate and endless world of dreams.

Dome Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a skilled thief who is best at the art of dangerous extraction: he steals precious secrets from the depths of the subconscious during the dream state, when the mind is at its weakest.

Cope’s rare ability made him a sought-after player in this treacherous new world of institutional espionage, but it also made him an international refugee and cost him everything he loved.

Now a cup is offered a chance for salvation. One last job that could give him his life back, but only if he achieves the impossible – the beginning

Film Shutter  island

Three advance technology movies

He’s also a little outspoken Scorsese, and despite the apparent intellectual strength that has accumulated behind the project, it looks like ”

The Greatest Director Alive” might try a little “only” entertainment. After watching the movie, it’s not hard to underst and

why it was brought back into the No Man’s Land from its prestigious award-winning opening date in late fall in mid-February.

Perhaps the people who will be more disappointed with the Scorsese movie are the ones who show up to see The Scorsese Movie.

Chatter Island might be a crowd-puller, if not because of its extravagant length, historical curvature, and painfully slow disintegration.

Scene after scene, Shutter Island is an enriching sensory experience. Overall, that’s less than the sum of his photos –

he’s like the clever Michael Bay. (And he’s worse than stupid Michael Bay in some ways; at least Transformers were clearly not amenable to analysis

Film Star trek into darkness

The film begins shortly after the previous film is set: Kirk is seated on the Enterprise

Chair, Spock Senior Officer, and the mission is in progress.

Abrams organizes an opening scene that combines all of the above ingredients into a 100 percent cocktail to please the crowd right away.

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Still burdened with the destruction of Vulcan, Spock tries to prevent the planet from being burned by a huge volcano.

Kirk mocks Starfleet leadership by making the Neanderthals clap their eyes on the USS Enterprise, which rises from the ocean floor to free Spock from the point of death.

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