Sircle sidebar apk

Circular Sidebar mobil app

Sircle sidebar apk

An app that can be used to improve your Android experience. It offers the ease of multitasking from anywhere, anytime!

It is fast and highly customizable. Users can easily customize functionality and content. It runs in the background and can be easily accessed from any screen with just a swipe. User can even set it to start.

The qualities:

1. Easy to control – All settings are provided on the main screen with a description of each function to make it easy to understand and avoid confusion.

2. Fully customizable according to how you operate. You are given options to start width, height, and position. The user can easily adjust it to suit his comfort.

3. Include Favorite Applications – Users have full access to all applications installed on the phone. User can choose which apps to display in the sidebar at any time.

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Haptic feedback,

Sircle sidebar apk

which is provided to give the user a call request confirmation response in the sidebar.

5. The option to apply custom icon packs is included. Install any icon pack from the store and select it in the circular sidebar.

6. It is also possible to change the icon sizes.

7. After the second update, an option to add shortcuts was added based on user requirements. (Professional feature)

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8. Application icons and menus are fully customizable. Choose from various icon packs or use your own custom image.

9. Based on user requests, blacklist apps option (Pro feature) is included. The sidebar automatically disappears in the selected apps.

The Quick Settings added are:

Click 👇👇👇

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1. Wifi toggle.
2. Bluetooth toggle.
3. Screen Rotation.
4. Flash Light toggle.
5. Airplane toggle.
6. Brightness Mode.
7. Volume Control (Supports both media and ringtone volumes depending)
8. Music Control: Play / Pause
9. Music Control: Play Next / Play Previous Track

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