Keep clain booster

Keepclain booster, antivirus

Keep clain booster

CapClean is the world’s most reliable Android device optimization and free antivirus application,

suitable for phone cleaner, RAM optimizer, antivirus, battery saver and more for maximum performance and security.

More than 50,000,000 people have installed CapClean to improve and protect their Android devices. Register now for free to access the following features.

Unk Junk Cleanup: Carefully analyze app caches and junk files. Clean up apps and system junk files with one tap to empty memory.

Hone Phone Speed ​​Up:

Speed ​​up your phone by freeing up the phone’s memory.

at Battery Saver: Detect and disable apps that are using useless power to extend standby time to 70. Also supports various energy saving methods.

Fast Charge: Increase the charging speed of your phone and extend the battery life by closing unused background apps while charging.

Virus protection: Protect your privacy by receiving notifications when spyware or adware programs are downloaded onto your device. Protect your device from phishing attacks from email and malicious websites.

Wi-Fi security: Scan unauthorized Wi-Fi connections to maximize the security of your phone.

 CPU Cooling:

Analyze thousands of apps in detail to reduce CPU consumption and avoid device overheating.

Race Traceless Browsing: A private web browser that protects your browsing history and privacy.

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