Internet blocker apk

Internet blocker apk best application download

Internet blocker apk

Internet Blocker NO Block root data

and Internet access with Wi-Fi Guard.

Are you looking for effective ways to limit Internet usage?

Do you want to block the internet from apps with the simple touch of a button?

Download Internet Blocker and control the use of Wi-Fi and data for every app on your Android device.

Block internet access and enforce background data restrictions on selected apps,

so they can rest assured that they are not using up your precious data or your battery.

Simple user interface

Our NetBlocker app gives apps a quick and easy way to restrict the internet.

Just block Wi-Fi for any app by tapping the switch and stop using data.

Best of all, if you want to block access to the internet,

you can disable the entire internet blocker app instead of going back one by one to disable internet blocking for each app.

No roots – quick and easy

Our block app internet access technology

works for Android 5.1 and higher for any Android smartphone.

No root required; Just select the apps and immediately restrict access to the internet.

Blocking the Internet can help: Save your battery.
Reduce your data consumption.
Increase your privacy.

Functions of our Guard Internet Blocker:
Easy to use web blocker to control internet

No root required
Turn on / off any app on your phone with a tap of your finger.

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Switch the internet blocker on / off.
Our data blocker for apps supports Android

If you want to block access to the Internet,

e.g. For example, to block the internet for WhatsApp or apps that use background data, just download Internet Blocker.

This is the most powerful application for the internet user for all of us

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