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Life of piAdventure movie

Pi’s epic adventure begins in India, where his father owns a zoo. Bai’s father decides to give up the zoo and wants to bring the animals to the United States.

Ships crashed during the sea voyage. Everyone dies except Pi and a few animals. Nothing more should be said.

Great graphics, great story. Take a look – but please try to get it in good quality


Better-Go-Now description:

“Lucy meets a friend who asks her to hand over a suitcase to someone. As she does this, the procedure begins.


It is about a new drug that is sewn into her stomach. The drug shouldn’t fall into the wrong hands.

The package explodes in the stomach and her poisoning reaches an unexpected climax. Film full. With deep information and aesthetic verbs. ”

The secret life of Walter MittyAdventure movie

Adventure  movie

  • Better-Go-Now description:
“Walter Mitty is not a person to take risks. In his daydreams, this is completely different.
While dreaming, he is the hero and does things he wishes to do in real life. For example to talk to his secret love called Cheryl.
Walter works in a photo archive for the magazine “Life!”. For the last edition of this magazine one photo cannot be found.
He decides to go on an adventurous search. Somewhere out in the world

Point break

Maybe your idea of ​​the adventure is to catch the biggest waves? One of the first to appear in extreme sports action films, Bromantic Testosterone powers some incredibly filmed stunts as FBI Agent Keanu Reeves infiltrates a gang of immensely loving criminals.
Bodie, Patrick Swayze’s anti-sun hero, turns activities like surfing and skydiving into a philosophy that is difficult to tempt as long as you ignore the ex-presidential fringe of the bank robbery.

Cast away

Adventure  movie 🎥
If 127 Hours is a cautionary tale, Tom Hanks’ drama is the worst case scenario! Every favorite award winner is stranded on an island after a horrific plane crash.
While we hope your adventures are a little less isolated, it’s a crash course in ingenuity, in which the star lights his own fire,
builds his escape raft, and is more closely tied to volleyball than most of us do with our oldest friends.

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