WhatsApp deleted msg Recovery

WhatsApp deleted msg Recovery Download

WhatsApp deleted msg Recovery

Recover retrieves the

user’s deleted Whatsapp messages without the sender’s knowledge. All deleted messages can be read via WhatsApp. You can also view deleted text messages, photos, and videos.

Want to see what your friend deletes after sending them? Just download WhatsRecover and see what your friend deleted after sending it. WhatsApp Saver will notify you when the user deletes the WhatsApp message.

The message can be of any type whether it is a simple text message, image or video that can be retrieved using WhatsApp.

Additionally, you can view and save WhatsApp statues, voice notes, videos, and documents.

And all of these things can be managed at WhatsApp Resource. WhatsRecover works as an anti-deletion service that allows the user to save deleted messages from the sender from WhatsApp.

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WhatsRecover also allows any of your friends to reply immediately with WhatsRecover (without opening WhatsApp) which deletes the message after it has been sent.

Top reference features

easy to use

ted restore any deleted messages

Download WhatsApp WhatsApp Status easily

Delete Save deleted media even if the user deleted it.

View all media, voice notes and messages separately on the same platform.

How it works?

1- You must enable the automatic media download feature from “WhatsApp Messenger”.

2- Open WhatsApp Recover app to check download status and all media files.

3- If a message has been deleted by the sender, you will be notified.

4- To receive deleted text messages, WhatsApp needs to turn on your WhatsApp notification

Please note: WhatsApp Recover will not work in the following cases

If any of you are silent.
you are currently viewing chatting.
– If notifications are turned off on your device.
If you haven’t granted all the permissions that WhatsApp uses. the automatic download media does not play.

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WhatsApp deleted msg Recovery

Required Permission
This app has access to:

 Photos / Media / Files
o read the contents of your USB storage
modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
• Storage
read the contents of your USB storage
modify or delete the contents of your USB storage


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