Colorize image apk

Colorize image apk download

Colorize image apk

Color your black & white photos automatically with Machine Learning

Model! Pictures of images is an automatic machine learning-based service to color black and white, grayscale or nightvision photos.

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The black and white photos do not contain any evidence of the right colors. The coloring of the images is determined by training the machine learning model, but the model does not know the context of the images.

The chosen colors are neither historically correctly correct.  black and white photos can be selected for coloring in the gallery or released from other applications

such as Facebook, Twitter, Chrome or Google photos. Farbound results can be divided with other applications or stored in the gallery.

The application can be viewed for free by ads.  subscription of the app allows an unlimited number of colors without interruption during the subscription period.

The service uses GPU server to provide color functionality.

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More about Applications

see the youtube channel

This means that the source images sent over the network to a remote location, encoded there and then the color images are sent back to the device.

For an optimal result, it is recommended that the source image contains the following:

• Good quality good contrast good focus • The right direction images that do not all contain all these properties may work well, but some preprocessing (eg contrast correction or sharpening) improve standard

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