Weather live wallpaper

Weather live wallpaper apk download

Weather live wallpaper

Love nature, look at landscape expectations. Climate wallpapers are here!

Beautiful view in your hands. Weather Live Wallpaper is an app that shows the phases of sunrise and sunset, rain, snow, clouds,

and even the moon on your screen, which change in real time.

– Each wallpaper in the collection features a highly realistic landscape, featuring rain, fog, clouds, moon phases, changes in daylight and more.


– There are wallpapers that have many seasons: winter, off season, summer. Each wallpaper has a free version and a pro version.


In the free version:

Weather live wallpaper

Directly show the weather forecast in the app by double-clicking on the wallpaper.

You can also see the weather on this list for the next ten days.

– To view the current weather forecast on your desktop, purchase the PRO version of the wallpaper.


Download  application

After purchasing a Pro version in the app, the ads will be disabled.
Note: Reinstall the wallpaper after purchase.


To reduce battery drain we have added some special settings: brightness, weather report, gadget background opacity,

number of extra particles (rainbow, flower petals etc.), frame per second, size And inactive sound – everything can be edited.

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