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Voice Changer sounds effects free download

Do you want a smooth, engaging singing voice and have a great one to share with your friends? Voice Changer – Music Recorder is the best app to convert your voice and music with more than 25 sound effects. It is fast, easy and easy to use and can produce cool and funny sound effects.
Record your voice in high quality,

create effects, enjoy listening to modified audio and share it with your friends, this app also helps download music or other audio files from your devices. So that voice changer effects are applied to it. You can transform your voice into girl, boy, robot and various other voices to anger your friends. Edit the sound with custom parameters and enjoy the best sound effects now!

Key Features

Record songs with funny sound effects or just funny sounds to impress your friends:
– Change your recording to a girl’s voice (adjust the female level) or a boy’s voice (adjust the male level) to beat your friends.
– Advanced girl sound effects with beautiful and soft voice customization and tons of sound.
– Masculine, loud and modern boy effects with customization of voice.

  1.    ### Funny sound

– Funny sound effects like Chapmonk, Baby Baby, Flies and more!
Listen to music with amazing amazing sound effects:
– Fed up with the boredom of constant music, you can change, adjust, refine, balance and insert the sounds of girls or boys for more fun. Let yourself enjoy your free time and get rid of stress better
– Professional music effects with customization of bass, reverb, treble, midrange, help you listen to music with best experiences.

Download now

– Speed ​​switcher with speed and pitch customization
– Promoting the boss especially for EDM

Manage your studio, quickly browse audio:
– Attractive user interface of the Voice Changer app, type of songs by album and folder
– Easily view, edit and delete saved audio data.
– Listen to your recordings in your own studio to evaluate the progress of your song, rather than edit it as a professional music producer
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