Snap trans language translate

Snap trans language translate apk download

Snap trans language translate

Free to translate social chat, post translation, support 100 languages

SnapTrans can translate English to Hindi, other languages ​​or dialects for all Facebook apps (WhatsApp), Messenger apps, etc.

in almost one step. This application allows you to translate any text into your native language for easy reading, chatting with a foreign language and easy access to friends.

By simply dragging, you will see the text translated into the desired language in no time.

Key Features:

1) Translate the bubble text
In all kinds of social chat apps, just drag the translation ball into the bubble text. He can change the language you know and communicate directly with friends who speak a foreign language.

2) Translate text entry field
Enter any language in the input field, just drag the translation ball into the input field and the text is the language your friends know.

3) Translate the application language
Open any app and quickly double-tap the translation ball.

Google translate app👇

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All of the text in the app is in the language you know. You can find more interesting and new applications abroad

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4, quick setting, intelligent translation
When you have preset the language you and your friends are using,

the translation ball intelligently translates between 33 languages ​​with a simple drag, e.g. B. English to Hindi, Tamil to Hindi, Tamil to English, English to Gujarati, etc.

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