Video screen cast mirroring apk

Video screen cast mirroring apk free download

Video screen cast mirroring apk

HD video screen mirroring

This app helps you to scan photos and videos from mobile gallery and mirror your Android phone or tablet screen to Smart TV.

how to use:

1. Make sure all devices are connected to the same WiFi network.
2. Open the Lets View app and find the device you want to mirror to.

3. Select the name that will appear as “Lets View + your device name”. Then your device will be mirrored successfully.more about Applications 

Screen mirroring is a tool that allows you to mirror your smartphone to a high-quality TV screen.

With the Mirror Screen to TV app, you can easily access all your games, photos, videos and other applications on the big screen.

In order for the connection to work successfully, you need to open the connection for the Mirror Cast app on both your smartphone/tablet and your TV.

If you are tired of looking for the greatest app to throw your small screens onto the big screens for great experiences, this is the best and most user-friendly Mirror Phone to TV app.

 Characteristic: –

Easily change resolution and density – take full advantage of your external display’s resolution and view the Android tablet’s interface when using a phone.

Simple profile-based interface – Easily enable/disable different profiles for different displays.

Automatically turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi  quickly connect your keyboard, mouse and/or game controllers

Lock screen orientation for landscape mode.

Show desktop sites in Chrome by default – surf the real web on your TV!

 Full integration with Tasker

Disable device backlight and/or vibration – save battery when your device is connected (not compatible with all devices)

Automatically load profiles when the display is connected.

If you are looking for a free and stable screen mirroring to cast your screen to the big screen, this handy screen mirroring app can make your phone look great on your TV.

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