NoCard VPN Lite VPN proxy

NoCard VPN Lite VPN proxy apk free download

NoCard VPN Lite VPN proxy

A fast and light VPN that blocks all content!

Provides privacy and bypass, IP worldwide; No log leaks, no privacy leaks, no DNS leaks, no maps, etc. NoCard VPN Lite should be your proxy VPN.

Reliable by over 20 million users worldwide, NoCard VPN Lite is secure, private and easy to use on all Android devices!

Main Features:
Global VPN Servers
Easy and unlocked.

This is a bypass, Wi-Fi security and privacy app.
No configuration is required, just click a button and you can safely and anonymously access the Internet.

Game acceleration

NoCard VPN Lite speeds up popular games.

Privacy Policy

Anonymous browsing, real privacy, log security.

NoCard VPN Lite will never record your online behavior and will never upload your privacy information!

No All traffic (UDP / TCP) is encrypted when NoCard VPN Lite is running.

Intelligent connection algorithm

NoCard VPN Lite offers you the fastest VPN server with intelligent connection algorithms. All you have to do is tap one.


Fast and unlimited
Infinite speed
Unlimited usage time
No credit card required.

Large number of servers, high speed bandwidth
No additional permission is required.

Easy to use
Well-designed user interface
★ One step connection
Zero layout
Select any app to use VPN Proxy.

Unlocked and confidential
★ All traffic encryption (UDP / TCP), protect your personal information.

To make it work, you need a tool to download and run NoCard VPN Lite – VPN Proxy on your computer, and that tool is the emulator.

Many emulators are available online,

but in our opinion. The best NoCard VPN Lite – VPN proxy app is Nox App Player and BlueStacks.more about Applications

Therefore, we recommend that you use one of the options below to install it.
Before proceeding,

make sure your desktop or laptop computer meets the following minimum requirements:

First, your computer must have at least a dual-core processor. If your assistant has more than two cores, running it is a breeze.

Next comes RAM. Based on the Nox Player and BlueStacks website, they require at least 2GB.

Then you should also consider checking your disk space.

You have at least 20 GB or more disk space to download and install both NoCard VPN Lite – VPN Proxy App and the emulator software.

Check if your computer already has both .NET Framework and Visual C++ Redistributable installed.

If not, you can go to Microsoft website, download it and then install it. If you’re using macOS, you don’t need to install it.

Now check if your GPU drivers are installed or updated. If not, get the latest package from your card manufacturer.

It will also install DirectX and OpenGL as soon as it is updated.

You may need to enable virtualization if you want a more comfortable and responsive emulator.

It can be found in your BIOS settings, but be careful when changing it as it can cause problems if you set an incorrect value.

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