Top richest actresses

Top richest ectresses in Bollywood

Top richest ectresses

Competition is growing everywhere, in the schools where our children attend, in the offices where we work, and even in Bollywood.

Even though they look cool and beautiful, actors and actresses have to work just as hard to get our attention and love or maybe even more.

Bollywood actresses work hard day and night on a strict schedule and thus earn huge personalities who can envy anyone. Although most of the actresses these days earn good money from their efforts,

some actresses are better than others and thus they managed to get a place in the list of 20 richest actresses of Bollywood as shown below.

 Zarian Khan

Despite her absence from the silver screen for years, Zarine Khan remains one of the richest actresses in Bollywood.

As of January 2021, the total value of Zarine Khan is approximately Rs 3 million (Rs 28 crore).

Most of her income comes from her acting and modeling career, as well as various endorsements.

Kangna ranauatTop richest ectresses

When the story comes to the richest Bollywood actress 2021, then the name of Kangna ranauat can not disappear

because they are not only a talented and powerful actress, but also a powerful recipe in India and also impressive.

Its overall worth of Rs 93 crorr 2021 comes to a number of sources, which comes from different sources, including acquaintance safety, validation and personal business.

Vedya balan

Vidya Balan was previously a part of the popular Hum Paanch TV show, which was much loved by the viewers.

She entered Bollywood with Parineeta, which was pretty good. Although her role in Munabhai was highly valued,

it was the dirty picture that completely changed her life. After that, she got meaty roles in movies like Kahaani,

Kahaani 2, Te3n, Begum Jaan etc. She also received a Padma Shri for her brilliant acting career. This beautiful and brave actress charges 6-7 crore rupees per movie.

Katrina kaif

Top richest ectresses

Having an estimated net worth of $30 Million (Rs Crore), Katrina Kaif is one of the few leading strong ladies of Bollywood from the past few years.

The actress, who has made a huge amount of money out of her money from Blockbusters,

also enjoys endorsement deals with international brands and features in several ads. Despite much criticism,

mixed opinions and controversies, Katrina Kaif still maintains her position in the entertainment industry over the years.

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Deepeka padukon

Deepika Padukone has had one of the most beautiful careers in Bollywood.

Her first film was Om Shanti Om alongside SRK in 2007 and there has been no going back since.

Deepika is a huge hit after her hits and turns out to be the only actress to have managed to exceed Rs 600 crore in one year.

When she starred with Vin Diesel in the hit Hollywood movie XXX, her brand value rose.

Her latest project, Padmaavat, became one of the most popular Bollywood films and contributed to her fame.

Deepika charges around Rs 15 crore and Rs 8 cro as advertising fee for the film. With an estimated net worth of $ 45 million, Deepika ranks second on the list of the richest Bollywood actresses for 2021.

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