Thailand is the most beautiful country in the world 2021 updates best five places


With its clear turquoise sea, white sandy beaches, jungle, amazing wildlife and delicious dishes, Thailand is every traveler’s dream destination. However, tourism is one of the biggest industries in Thailand, so many uncivilized traps that you can easily catch yourself.

If you don’t follow our guide on how to visit one of the most beautiful countries in Southeast Asia without emptying your bank account! Here are some of the best places to see in Thailand, as well as what to do, where to stay, and most importantly, what to eat when you get there!


Start in Bangkok, the vibrant capital of Bangkok. Traveling to Bangkok airport is the most inexpensive way to start your tour of Thailand. If you are unable to train Bangkok’s public transportation system, take a taxi to your hostel.

Taxis are always available outside the airport, but ask some for the price of your flight before you get in. As anywhere in the world, taxi drivers can try to make more money from sleep-deprived travelers with a belt bag full of foreign cash!

Khao Yai National ParkThailand


The most visited park in the country features amazing nature and diverse wildlife.

Visitors will enjoy the waterfalls, hiking in lush forests, and spotting monkeys, elephants, gibbons, and even tigers among many other animals. On the outskirts of the park there are a lot of hotels that provide accommodation for visitors.

Chiang Rai

Most people visit Chiang Mai often when deciding where to go in Thailand, but about three hours north of well-known Chiang Mai is the smaller and more relaxing town of Chiang Rai.

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It has recently started to attract attention as one of the best places in Thailand thanks to the amazing White Temple (Wat Rong Kun) south of Chiang Rai. Not to be outdone, the northern part of the city now also built its amazing temple known as the Blue Temple.

Continuing the whimsical theme of colors, the Black House is an open-air art gallery with shocking displays, most of which are made up of animal bones and horns.

Although temples, like any good Thai city, are some of the best things to do in Chiang Rai, the streets can also be found great food, convenient markets, and plenty of places to relax with traditional Thai massage.



One of the best places in Thailand is nature, Pai! Although there are many things to see, our highlight was driving on a rented scooter and soaking in the stunning scenery around this small town.

There are many wonderful waterfalls near Bay that you can visit either by scooter or on a tour. You can even take a quick dip here and relax on a long, hot day. Another way to take a relaxing bath in Bay is the famous hot springs. Unfortunately some of them are packed with tourists, but we did find one that is still absolute insider advice and usually only locals visit.

Another great attraction in Bay is the Bay Canyon. It is the perfect place to watch the sunset and is so much fun to climb the slopes. However, if you are afraid of heights, this probably won’t be your favorite thing to do.

Pattaya Walking Street: Thailand’s most popular walking street


Strolling down Pattaya Walking Street can be a great experience. You will be blinded by the neon lights and colors, music, noise, performers, people, food, smells and everything else on this mile-long street.

Some find it a blessing, some a fool. But even if you are not a party fan and prefer quiet places, you should visit Thailand’s wildest hiking trails at least once.

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