Text free,call free apk

Text me,text free  ,call free, sound phone number

Text free, call free apk

TextMe – the phone number app that connects millions of users with the numbers they need to type and call.

Get a new Text & Call phone number


Connect to Wi-Fi or cellular data to send unlimited text messages (SMS), photos, videos (MMS), voice messages, and unlimited calls.

Choose a new phone number and use it as follows:

Personal phone number to call anyone and everyone (application not required!).

A second phone number to protect your privacy.

Burner number to keep your calls and texts anonymous – get rid of them and get a different phone number whenever you want.

You can even have multiple phone numbers to keep the different parts of your life separate and organized!

Lower world prices

Stay in touch with contacts around the world and get reasonable international rates for calls and SMS. Buy credits or win free credits by completing offers for free.

Turn your device into a phone

Download the TextMe phone number app on your old tablet or device and convert it into your new phone for WiFi calls and SMS.

Log into the TextMe Web app to send free text messages from your desktop or laptop computer. Ideal for backup plan, second phone number, or burner phone

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A complete list of TextMe functions

• Local phone number

• SMS and international calls

• voice mail

• Call forwarding

• Find a number

• Group chat messages

• Send photos, videos, and voice / audio messages

• Use emojis and stickers

• Dark mode and lighting mode

• Personalize your text signature

• Text tones and custom ringtones

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