Battery live wallpaper apk

Battery live wallpaper HD

Battery live wallpaper apk

This APP was replaced by my new App, that has all the fancy new stuff like material design and so on….
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This is a live wallpaper that will show off your current battery well in a fun and stylish way.

I wanted it to play the new clean version of Android Kitkat 4.4.

Since it appears on the wallpaper on the back of your home screen, it doesn’t cost “real estate” on your screen, e.g. B. a fancy widget.

The battery icon is displayed as shown on your device. So if your device is Full HD, this wallpaper is perfect!

A purchase within a purchase that allows you to upgrade to the premium version.
The premium version has really great styling and additional options. There’s more to come!

Both versions (and will be) extra!
I don’t want to add either!


– Many styles to choose from.
– Dynamic battery charged
– Custom backgrounds (choose from gallery)
– Moving the wallpaper, sleeping through the home screen pages (Apex, Nova, etc.).

کیمرہ راز

– Lots of settings to customize the battery
– … like color, opacity, size and so on …
– Low battery consumption as it is not really “alive” … it only updates when the blunt steel or status changes
– No increase !!!
– No Internet connection !!!

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