story of 10 million doller

story of 10 million doller best story

story of 10 million doller 

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Once an art company announced that if it made a good painting, we would give it 10 10 million. Pantro from all over the world started painting day and night.

When the art company got millions of paintings, the company owners Choose which painting the judges set for.

So the judges chose this 100 paintings. The attention was upset because all the paintings were more beautiful than each other.

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So the judges looked at a painting and liked it. It was a big competition, the media and a lot of people gathered, all the people said that these paintings are not so beautiful.

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And what’s so special about this painting is that you guys chose it, then the judges said the real story is in it because

this painting was made in such a way that it has a thunderstorm and a storm and a false house and this A man stands calmly in the window of the house.

So the judges said that the real peace was to say that the outside world was coming to an end and

that he was standing calmly and watching. Whatever the situation, you should stay calm

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